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Aug 20, 2008 08:52 PM

good liquor stores in Philadelphia (for rums)

Can you guys tell me where in Philly are there really good liquor stores that sell really hard to find items like Lemon Hart Rum (80 and 151 proof), Falernum, and Cruzan 2 year old white rum?

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  1. Since we have a State operated system, all stores carry pretty much the same or can order it for you in a few days (if carried by the system.) Your big stores, such as Franklin Mills, will have the best selection or go over to New Jersey to a large distributor like Canale's.

    1. The state store on Chestnut, between 12 and 13 always has a great selection of items. I like to take the 20 minute trip to DE and hit Total Wine & Spirits. That place is glorius....

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        let me preface this by saying i'm not a rum drinker... though, hey, i wonder whatever happened to rumdrinks, a former

        i agree this store on chestnut between 12 & 13 is as good as it gets. there's one on down toward 18 or 19 on chestnut as well that is good.

        however i just have to sing the praises for total wine in delaware. that store is amazing, and i would highly recommend if you are anywhere near wilmington, making a little detour to stock up. i will buy a couple cases of various wines whenever i am there, so i only very infrequently need to visit the state stores here. they have a ton of beers and liquors too i believe.

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          It really is awesome- isn't it? My girlfriends and I used to take "field trips" one Sunday a month. We'd try the wine tasting, talk up the staff (who is extremely knowledgeable) and then grab a mix and match six pack of mucrobrews with our wines for way less than the PA prices.

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            I'm not an authority on Delaware locales, but the Total Wine on Naaman's Road is only a few miles south of where 476 intersects 95. I can make it there and back from City Avenue in about 60 minutes as long as there isn't a traffic jam-up.

            Love, love, love this store!

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              I third the Total Wine reco! Did you also know you can place your entire order online through their website? They will box it up for you and have it waiting at the customer service desk within 48 hours. All you have to do is walk in, show them your credit card, and walk out. It's a real time saver if you know what you want.

        2. There are no good liquor stores in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Head to Jersey or Delaware.

          1. Moore Bros in Delaware (maybe NJ too but I can't swear to it) has been carrying an amazing rum (rhum). I can't recall the name right now (and I'm not at home, so I can't look at the bottle) but if you go to Total Wine, swing by Moore Bros

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              I'd like to second Moore Brothers. They have great stuff. But much of what they carry you can't find elsewhere, so feel free to talk to the guys about what you want and they will be very helpful. I can 99.5% guarantee that you will be at least pleased with what they choose - at least I have been.

            2. I would suggest Total Wine in Cherry Hill. It's a huge store, and the staff us usually very helpful. There is one adjacent to the Cherry Hill Mall on Route 38 in CH; maybe 15 minutes from the BF bridge.
              The advantage to the Total Wine in Delaware is that there is not sales tax; but it is further. These are great stores to stock up with, and the product selection is extensive.