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Aug 20, 2008 08:51 PM

Sideways do-over????

if you could insert two varietals into the movie sideways in order to change the public perception as much as by pinot noir (positive) and merlot (negative), what would they be?


riesling (positive)

i'm struggling to find a negative -

what are yours?

the one caveat - nothing that obscure such as fromenteau or dornfelder!!

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  1. Wasn't he pretty positive on Riesling in the movie? I remember it from the book, but I could swear that line is in the movie as well.

    I don't want to make anything too positive. Enough people already know about the Loire and Beaujolais to start making my values not so big of values!

    1. Well, IF you're going to do Riesling, don't you sort of HAVE to play Riesling off of Chardonnay?

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      1. re: zin1953

        I concur, Chardonnay gets my vote. There aren't enough people in the masses who have crossed the California - Burgundy bridge; they fall off somewhere between 'graduating' to Sauvignon Blanc and 'discovering' Rose and seem to stay stuck there forever.

        1. re: aperitif

          I can sort of see a Miles-type character saying,
          "I will not drink any more overoaked, over-ripe Chardonnays! I will not be Yellow Tail-ed! Give me Burgundy, give me elegance and earth and minerality and restraint and beauty -- but if I have to drink another Chardonnay with fake butter, smoky oak and canned pineapple fruit, I'm gonna die!"

          1. re: maria lorraine

            sounds like you should write the screenplay, maria! very funny... and spot on...

            1. re: Pigloader

              I wouldn't mind a bit. I was trying to adopt Miles's overblown style of speech, and I distinctly remember the best moment of the movie (and the best lit) when Miles describes why he loves Pinot Noir to Virginia Madsen.

              1. re: maria lorraine

                Doesn't he already mention something about too much malolactic in the beginning of the movie?

      2. zinfandel (+) and cabernet (-)

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        1. re: pinotho

          How about setting the re-make in the Barossa and Eden Valleys and creating a character who despises fruit-forward Shiraz and has an affinity for small production riesling and obscure Aussie pinot noir?

          Or set it in Austria and write a character who has great fondness for wines made from native grapes like Zweigelt and Gruner Veltliner and resents the influx of 'foreign' grapes like pinot noir, chardonnay, and cabernet franc?

          You could have an Italian version with a character who hates 'Super-Tuscans' coveted by wealthy, tasteless Americans; the character could argue passionately for drinking only wines made from indigenous Italian grape varietals.

          I like the idea of a German setting with a character who hates that his country is predominately known for riesling and who seeks out German-produced red wines...pinot noir, gamay, etc...

          The possibilities are endless. How about a character who LOVES merlot (i.e. merlot dominated Bordeaux blends) and hates that a stupid movie like Sideways gave his favourite grape a bad reputation? He could make fun of the fact that many popular California pinot noirs have become high-test alcoholic fruit-bombs.

        2. Definitely Chardonnay (-)

          1. Large industrial (-)

            Small farmer (+)

            Mis en Bouteille dans nos Caves (-)

            Mis en Bouteille a la Propriete (+)

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            1. re: Chinon00

              Constellation Brands vs 1000 case producer!

                1. re: bowmore36

                  Not quite Monodovino...

                  I like Vinquire and and Chinon's ideas. I am all for the little guy!


                    1. re: bowmore36

                      Not exactly. Mondovino was about the Parkerization of wines and how critics impact development. I want to see David vs. Goliath ;-)

                      1. re: Vinquire

                        i wasn't suggesting an exact match....