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Aug 20, 2008 08:36 PM

Homestyle Fried Chicken in Treasure Coast?

Jonesin' for some down home fried chicken and mashers. Any ideas on where to find some in the Treasure Coast area? Fried pickles would make my year.

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  1. It's been a year since I've been there.....But the Seminole Inn over in Indiantown has a nice Sunday Brunch.....And the fried chicken that I ate there was nothing less than outstanding......I know my fried chicken.....My wife and her mother....both from south Georgia....can both cook the best fried chicken you've ever eaten.....and the fried chicken that we ate at Seminole Inn was every bit as good.........

    Indiantown is a nice 45-minute Sunday Drive from Stuart / Palm City / Port St. Lucie......Call ahead to make sure they still have the Sunday Brunch......It might just be a 'seasonal thing'......As for the fried're on your own there!! (lol)


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        My wife and I got married at the Seminole Inn over 20 years ago. The brunch is the best anywhere. The fried chicken is a great feature, but so is the speckled perch (in season), fried okra, she-crab soup and peanutbutter creme pie. They also have excellent local beef. The steak and egg breakfast I had there was the best ever. The place has changed hands a few times over the years and even closed up for periods of time, but the Sunday brunch remains a huge draw. One good sign is the 20-30 folks sprawled in rocking chairs on the porch with their pants undone. Can't get any better advertising than that.

      2. Don't know about chicken, but Norris's place for ribs in ft pierce has got the fried pickles, which I will now have to try. I'm sure they have chicken, but the baby backs are so good I will never know

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          Babybacks good at Norris's? Uuuf! You don't get out much! I'm sorry I've eaten them on a few different occasions and they were fair-at-best......I reckon I'm pretty biased.....Just came back from "Memphs in May" and hit some of the top BBQ spots up that way.....