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Aug 20, 2008 08:09 PM

Looking for a GOOD seafood market

I just moved from Cleveland, and am looking for a good seafood market(s) that would be comparable to the ones I had in the midwest. (Thought should be easy to find?)

I am looking for a market where I can find dry scallops, wild (fresh) salmon, raw oysters, an ocassional assortment of stuff like halibut cheeks, sable/black cod, Hawaiian sushi grade tuna, Nantucket bay scallops, maybe fresh king crab legs, along with a good selection of other wild fillets and maybe live lobsters for reasonable price... Are there live shrimps in the tank to be found here?

I've been down to the waterfront in DC and like the live crabs there but not too excited about the drive and fish in plastic wraps under the sunlight. Been to Camrons in silver springs and A&H in Bethesda. So far, whole foods came the closest to mind. I am quite willing to travel and spend for quality. If you can suggest markets where I can find the above, I would appreciate your tips. Thank you.


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  1. RiverFalls at (natch) the corner of River and Falls in Potomac is expensive but amazing.

    BlackSalt restaurant in DC has a fish counter in the front during the day. Also not cheap, but excellent quality and variety.

    Pesce, in Dupont, also used to have a fish counter in the restaurant, but I'm not sure if they still do.

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      I am a self-admitted Wegmans pusher, but I have to say that Wegmans fish counter is the bomb. They will order anything you want (this goes for the entire meat department, too). I am Sicillian and originally from Long Island, so there are specific things I like to make, especially around the holidays when we do the feast of the seven fishes and Wegmans has been great about ordering special things for me.

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        I have to agree. The fish, crab, scallops, calamari, and shrimp I've gotten have all been excellent. Really really fresh and flavorful.

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        I second River Falls Seafood. Expensive and worth it -- beautiful fish. Here's an interesting interview with the owner:

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        1. Only place I've seen live shrimp in a tank (other than the aquarium stores) would be at an asian grocery store - and it's not always there.

          Definitely check them out, I work right by Great Wall in Merrifield and I've seen some very interesting stuff in there, all looking pretty fresh.

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            I agree with the notion of trying Asian grocery. My latest kick is going to the new El Grande International grocery store in an L shaped shopping center on the corner of Rt 50 and Gallows Road. I'm not sure about the shopping center's name ... Yorktown or something? The store used to be a Giant.

            Anyway, you'll find some of what you're looking for there, but mostly what appeals to Asians. I've bought shrimp and salmon that was absolutely the freshest I've experienced. There's a nice selecttion of shrimp types, including with the heads still on -- one guarantee that the shrimp was never frozen, and that they will retain their sweetness. Plus none of it has been processed in brine, like the shrimp at Safeway and Harris Teeter (yuck!).

            Last night I bought mussels there that smelled really good while still alive -- like the Atlantic on the Maine Coast. They were also large and feisty.

            While you're there, if you like good produce study the produce section, and check out how inexpensive it all is. Asians must be very picky about quality/price. (same goes for seafood)