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Aug 20, 2008 07:50 PM

Ravens & Crab

Looking for a nice place to stay for a week vacation with lots of crab, things to do and catching the Ravens vs dawgs in Sept. (starting vaca with Ravens)



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  1. OK, let me re-do. (As Hubbie rants in the background) Looking for a great week of eating crab and more crab and then seeng a game and maybe staying at a nice place while eating more crab. (:

    1. Your best bet for getting an answer is to search this board for crabs and crabcakes or crab cakes.

      I would also suggest an hour or so of grazing at Lexington Market.

      1. A weeks a long time to just visit Baltimore. Are you planning on staying in one place or moving along? I'd recommend maybe starting out on the Eastern Shore, maybe staying in St. Michaels and hitting the Crab Claw. That's a great town to walk for a day or two. Then maybe move on to the Kent Narrows, there are a few hotels right there. Beautiful views, and Harris' Crab House is right there. Then maybe a day in Annapolis (although you'll want to skip Buddies), and maybe drive out to Cantler's for dinner. Then you're all set for a three day weekend in Baltimore. You'll probably be tired of hard shells then, so hit Faidley's in the market for Crab Cakes, and Mama's on the Half Shell for anything else seafood related that you might want.

        1. Definitely hit Faidley's in Lexington Market for the best crabcake youve ever had. Duda's in Fells Point also does a good crabcake.

          For hardshells, you definitely want to make it to Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex. Mama's on the Half Shell is great for all things seafood as well

          1. Thank you all for your great suggestions!

            We would like to take a week vacation and just relax on the water, maybe do a little crabbing, bring along the dog and eat at some great places.
            (hmmm, I even think that sounds a bit much:)

            We have always heard Baltimore is the place to go for crab. We have been to St.Michael's and loved it. We would like a nice place like that close to the stadium. Am I asking for to much?

            Damn Jersey-ites :{


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              You want to relax by the water near the Stadium? I wouldn't be pulling anything out of the water to eat there! The stadium is in the center of Baltimore, and it sounds like what you want for the rest of the week is a little more country, so the Eastern shore suggestion still holds up. Maybe not St. Michaels, but maybe Kent Narrows? Annapolis would probably be your best other option. You could be to the stadium in about 45 minutes.