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Need advice on beer in Brooklyn

I'm taking a weekend trip to NYC in early September. I'm passionate about micro and
craft-brewed beer. I also enjoy Belgian beer. From my research, it appears that there are a number of good beer bars in Brooklyn. I'd like to hit a few, but was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations on which ones have the best selection. I don't know the geography, but it would be nice if they were close enough to hit several in an afternoon.

Any help you can give me is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I would start at Beer Table, on 7th avenue, between 14th and 15th street in Park Slope. They are pricey, but they have an amazing selection ob both bottled and tap beers, the owner is very knowledgable; and most of his selection will be beers you have never heard of. www.beertable.com.

    Although it's in a completely different neighborhood (Williamsburg), one fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon is at the Brooklyn Brewery. They open their tap room, and do tours of the facility every hour. You can even order in food from the local restaurants.

    Hope you have a good time.

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      If you're in Park Slope to visit Beer Table, you might as well swing by The Gate too (5th Ave., corner of 3rd St.). Its beer selection is not as obscure/pricey as Beer Table's, but they do have some interesting choices and a nice vibe. If the weather is nice, you can sit at the outdoor tables. One of the highlights of my beer-geek husband's summer was going to a Freaks and Beer Geeks event, when The Gate launched some Coney Island brews, complete with a sword-swallowing lady and the Human Blockhead.

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        Mugs in Williamsburg has a nice selection on tap and bottled, lots of Belgians.

      2. While you're in town, try our Brooklyn-made Sixpoint Craft Ales, with most bars in the area stocking one or two on tap. My favorites are the Brownstone Ale, Sweet Action, and the Belgian Rye. If you're in Red Hook on a Saturday, you can tour the brewery. http://www.sixpointcraftales.com/

        If you're a video game person, check out the excellent Barcade in Williamsburg - 30 American craft brews on tap and tons of old school arcade games for a quarter. http://www.barcadebrooklyn.com/

        If you go to Barcade, check out the nearby Spuyten Duyvil, which excels at imports. While it has only a half-dozen taps, its bottle selection is fantastic and well kept. http://www.spuytenduyvilnyc.com/

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          I second Sixpoint. They're by far the best beer coming out of Brooklyn (and maybe the East Coast of the US.)

          Barcade is also one of the greatest institutions ever created.

        2. Bar Great Harry on Smith Street and Sackett in Carroll Gardens has a terrific selection. I really like the place for the beer and the atmosphere.

          A few blocks away is Downtown Bar & Grill on Court Street and Dean. They have a very extensive selection of bottles, with a decent number of taps as well. I personally think their food is overpriced but the beer is worth the trip.

          A favorite is also Pete's Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic between Henry and Clinton and is walkable from the other two places I've mentioned. Their beer selection is good though not as extensive but they have a fantastic burger as well.

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            Same block as Pete's is Atlantic Chip Shop - a British restaurant with a nice selection of UK and Irish beers on tap (about 15-20) and a decent scotch list.

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              Brazen Head, also on Atlantic bet. Smith & Boreum Pl, has a decent selection of tap and sometimes hand draught beers.

          2. There is also 4th Avenue Pub. They have a great selection. I too recommend checking out the Six Points while you are here. You could do a Beer Table/The Gate/4th Ave Pub Pub Crawl even. Although that is a pretty good hike between each spot.

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              Ooh good suggestion. I like that place a lot but haven't been there in awhile. They have Hitachino White on tap (or at least they did last time I went there) which I rarely see.

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                Alchemy also has a pretty good beer selection as does Sheep Station on 4th Avenue. If you are from out of town, the one place that you cannot afford to miss is Beer Table. Their beers are definitely pricey but their selection is terrific and even the most knowledgeable beer fans are likely to find one or two bottles that they've never tried. Also, the owners, Justin and Tricia, are extremely good people and really make you feel at home. Don't be deterred by the crowd, most folks tend to stick around for 1-2 beers and then leave.

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                  I'm surprised that folks are so enamored with Beer Table. I have never seen a beer there that is that "obscure" and they seem to have no airconditioning at all.

            2. If you end up doing a Park Slope Pub Crawl, you can cross the street from Beer Table, and check out the selection of beers at Cafe Steinhof, a great Austrian Pub w/ a solid Austrian selection on tap (and then stumble your way up to Chip Shop for a British selection and Sheep Station for an Australian brew).

              On the way home, you can pick up a few jugs of tap beer at Biercraft. He sells 2 liter (?) containers of tap beer one can take home. The selection tends towards local brews, and could make a fine addition to your breakfast the next morning, to help you recover from your first day.

              Then, hit Williamsburg, for the Brooklyn Brewery, (and make sure you uncork a bottle of "Local 1" while there) and all the other local places over there, they sound great.

              Ahh. . . beer bliss.

              1. Glad to hear that you're goign to visit Brooklyn during your trip to NYC. I too am a craft beer and Belgian beer enthusiast. I would NOT recommend that you go to Beer Table their selection is quite overpriced, the space is small and it is not close to any other good beer bars. The best neighborhood to go to so that you can try several different bars is Williamsburg. In Williamsburg within a short walking distance you could go to the Brooklyn Brewery, Mug's Ale House, Spike Hill, Spuyten Duyvil (which has an excellent selection of Belgian beers), Barcade and Radegast Hall (German beers). Also, DBA a great beer bar that is in the East Village in Manhattan I believe has just opened a branch of their bar in Williamsburg also. Enjoy your trip and definitely report back and which places you tried.

                In addition to beermenus.com I would also recommend that you go to www.beeradvocate.com they have a section where people rate their experience at beer bars.

                1. I'm new to the area, but not to beer, as a passionate beer person myself I would recommend you stop by Bierkraft on 5th between Union and Berkeley, this is not a bar, however they have a great selection you can buy by the bottle, and also the gem of the store is they pressure fill growlers for you with some pretty unique choices changing almost daily. Pay the $4.50 growler deposit and take it - or many - back to your hotel room and get your beer excursion started that way! The guys are really helpful and they also have a great selection of meats and cheeses so you can grab a snack, some beer and get your day started right. Enjoy.