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Aug 20, 2008 07:02 PM

Dining in San Jose del Cabo / Cabo San Lucas

I'm going to Cabo next week and staying at Esperanza...very excited. I've gone through a lot of online reviews to find the best dining spots and was hoping I could get some advice on narrowing down my list:

Breakfast/Lunch Options:
El Quinto Sol Restaurante Vegetariano
La Cascada at the Vistazul Suites & Spa
The Office
Mama's Royale Cafe

Dinner Options:
The Restaurant at Esperanza (i figure it's a must if I'm staying at the resort)
Mi Cocina
La Panga
C at the One & Only Palmilla
The Chef's Table
El Chilar
La Bodega Steak & Wine House
Local Eight

My boyfriend is all about the hip/New York-esque vibe...he likes a modern, bustling atmopshere. I'm all about fresh and organic foods b/c that's the best option when you have a gluten allergy like I do. I feel a lot more comfortable eating if I know exactly what's going into my meal b/c I can't digest wheat (flour)/rye/barley. Luckily enough, I already called Mi Cocina to make a reservation and the lady I spoke with said she also has a gluten allergy & would give a special note to the chef! Hurray! So, any advice on my restaurant list??

Also, I'm planning a day trip to Todos Santos. The famed Cafe Santa Fe will be closed, so does anyone have an opinion on the following spots:

Cafe D'licia
Tequila's Sunrise
Tre Galline
Los Adobes

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  1. I hate to widen your list, but I am a big fan of the seafood at Lorenzillos in the marina of cabo. Check out my blog entry, if you want to. We ate their 2 days in a row, one dinner, one lunch.

    Look in the april archives.

    I also enjoyed the food at the office.

    1. We leave in 2 days and have a reservation at C's...but FYI they are closing the 31st for good!

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        I know this is too late to help mapleleafgirl but in case someone looks up this thread - do not - I repeat - DO NOT go to Tequila Sunrise or Los Adobes - dreadful tourist food. Tre Galline is sometimes good, sometimes mediocre. Cafe D'Alicia is closed. August and September are not the months to visit Todos Santos -let alone San Jose or San Lucas - hot hot hot and humid. Many if not most restaurants are closed let alone many shops in Todos. During these months, locals eat mostly at Buena Vida and Il Giardino - pizza at BV and pizza plus other Italian food at Il Giardino. Wonderful breakfast and lunch at La Esqina and sometimes Friday night BBQ. Most taco standa are open - Barajas is always a favorite - just up from Pemex.

      2. I want to hear about your trip- I also am gluten intolerant and am staying at Esparanza in a few weeks. I don't need to go to Cabo to replicate what I have in NY and LA...