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What kind of meat do I really have?

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And what do I do with it?

I picked up a package from Costco & the label read "Boneless Beef Short Ribs," so I figured I'd make Braised Short Ribs of some kind. (I've only made pork ribs before) Anyway, the more I look at it, it looks like a chuck roast cut in thick strips. The boneless throws me off from ribs.
So- what's the best recipe for this?

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  1. I had purchased some grass-fed bone-in short ribs from a local purveyor a month or so ago and made them this weekend, but I actually missed those boneless ribs from Costco. You should be able to distinguish where the bones were by looking at them, and trimming and portioning them that way. I usually cook half (I believe they sell them in 4 lb packages?) and freeze the rest.

    This is the base recipe I use, but you can skip the duo if you want (it's a lot of work, although the celery root puree is worth it). Braise them the night before - they are much better and it's alot easier to degrease after the fat has solidified.

    1. Used to buy short ribs from Costco but, in our area, they're not the quality they used to be. That said, we braise short ribs, marinate them and grill the on the "barby", whatever comes to mind when we want some good boneless chow. We've found a local "old fashioned" meat market that has an excellent selection and we do most of our meet shipping there.

      1. ugh I hate boneless "short ribs." I don't think they're short ribs at all. They tend to be dry and tough in my experience and kind of livery.

        1. You can do this recipe for Korean Short Ribs, just thin slice the meat in a cross cut.


          1. I think you've hit it on the nose. It is chuck roast cut in strips. The butcher at my supermarket told me "nobody wants the real short ribs with bones so they don't even regularly carry them anymore".

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            1. thanks for the input. I'm gonna do something with them, and next time I'll buy the real bone-in ones!

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                There was a huge thread a while back on the GT board about short ribs - to help describe them etc. so that a U.K. poster could get his butcher to cut them for him, and I seem to recall that there is chuck attached to the ribs, so your description doesn't surprise me.

              2. A boneless rib? OK whatever works.
                The difference in cooking a chuck and a block cut short rib, with or without bones, is just custom. They are both usually braised, or perhaps grilled quickly. Such meats are cooked very quickly, or a long,long time. Anything in between makes them very tough. We are accostomed to different recipes for each, but the meats could go either way

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                    It's weird....my local Costco has boneless PORK ribs. Now nobody can say that people just don't want THEM anymore...I buy them all the time because they're great for stir-frys as well as bbq. They look just like country-style ribs sans bone.

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                      I've yet to see those at my store, but when I do make my pork ribs the meat falls right off anyway. I'm making the boneless beef ribs today- I made a sweet & spicy sauce, hopefully they'll turn out ok & not too tough.

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                        I take the boneless country style ribs and cook them in a slow cooker (crock pot) with salt, pepper and some seasonings and cook for about 6 hrs. Then I shred them and that makes port carnitas. Roast some tomatillos, onions and serano peppers for sauce.

                  2. Just wanted to report back...it came out great & everyone loved it. I cooked it very slow & low in a homemade pineapple chili sauce. It was very tender, fell apart. What I found was that it did resemble chuck, however it was all "stringy." I will definitely try real braised bone in short ribs next.