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Aug 20, 2008 06:36 PM

Orange Juice Substitute?

Hi! I'm sure that this has been posted at some point and I just can't find it, but what do you all think is the best substitute for orange juice in various recipes? I've tried various things and they never seem to work out. I'm allergic to orange juice and would love to still partake in many tasty treats calling for oj!

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  1. Is it orange juice you're alergic to or citrus? If you can tolerate lime juice, you might want to try some sweetened lime juice with a splash of orange extract.

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    1. re: todao

      as todao said, we need to know if it's all citrus, or just OJ. if it's just OJ, i'd try red/pink grapefruit juice, or if you can find it, meyer lemon juice - it's sweeter & more floral than regular lemon juice.

    2. I would also say it depends on the recipe... I have had carnitas made with coke (as in cola) before.. and they were mighty tasty... (some recipes call for orange juice).

      similarly you may be able to get away with say.. some vinegar and something sweet... like honey, molasses, simple syrup... there are some very "fruity" vinegars out there.. so you could play around with this quite a bit. (with this suggestion, I'm assuming you need to replace the oj with something acidic.. that the acid lends something).

      otherwise, I 2nd & third, using other citruses... esp.. meyer lemon... so good.

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        I am allergic to citrus. But what to use in cranberry-orange relish besides orange or citrus? I am racking my brain for ideas. Radish and sugar? Horseradish and cilantro? Jalapeno? There has to be something sweet,tangy,and bitter like citrus. Taking suggestions.

        1. re: graftonqueen

          I've made mine with pomegranate juice beforeā€¦it might be close (albeit less bitter) to the flavour profile you're looking for.