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Aug 20, 2008 06:14 PM

new cheese shop in westport

I stumbled upon a new cheese shop in westport- Mirabelle, something like that. Beautiful, gorgeous cheeses. Lovely shop owners, good, knowledgeable service. The shop itself is a little sparse but it is new. They seem to be nice people and are bringing something needed to the area. I wish them luck. It's located at lower Main St. Again, don't know if I have the name right.

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  1. You do have the name right but it's not new. It has been there at least 2 years, not sure if longer than that. I thought it was good as well but they had a rather limited selection. Budding Gourmet in Fairfield (on Post Road) is another good option - they have all things related to entertaining, and get their cheeses in from Artisinal in NY.

    1. It's in a tough location, in that it is on Main St., but a block above where foot traffic basically stops. Their volume can't be much, thus the limited selection.

      I usually stop at Murray's in GCT for cheese, rather than showing up at Mirabelle and not finding what I want.

      By the way, the business has be on the market for the past 8 months or so at the low, low asking price of $65k. I think this tells you a lot about the volume and margins at the shop.

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        Hmmmm, interesting. Who would've guessed?
        Listen, I would love to shop at Murray's too only I don't get to GCT much. I am in Stamford where we have NOTHING in the way of a cheese shop. So other than Darien and Westport where would one go? Besides Whole Foods, Balducci's etc..