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Aug 20, 2008 05:52 PM

birthday cake suggestions

Okay. I need a fabulous cake - chocolate, with chocolate mousse/custard filling, REAL vanilla buttercream frosting (the kind you eat till you pass out because of the perfect balance of sweet, salty and buttery), and beautiful decorations. It's for my birthday.

I went to Piece o'Cake in Shrewsbury for a cake a couple of years ago - it was wonderful - but I'm totally open to new suggestions. Eastern Monmouth county is ideal, but will drive about an hour for the Grail...


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  1. Flaky Tart on First Ave in Atlantic Highlands

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      I'm in there pretty frequently and haven't yet seen a cake - pies, tarts, pastries, yes - but never cake. Hm. I will have to ask Marie.

    2. I'd make the trip to Cake Chef on Staten Island.
      They also make the most amazing cookies.
      I've never seen any bakeries here in NJ that even resemble the bakeries of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

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        I hope I am not assuming too much, but when I think of Staten Island and bakeries, I think of Italian-style - which is wonderful, but not what I am looking for. Can you send me to a website for Cake Chef? Either way, thanks.

      2. Mendoker's Bakery in Jamesburg is incredible.

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          Piece o' Cake isn't taking any orders at the moment...aaarrrggghhhh.
          When you say Mendoker's is incredible, what exactly do you mean? The photos on the website don't exactly inspire swooning, and if I have to drive more than an hour each way for a cake that isn't made with real buttercream icing (NOT whipped cream and certainly not ersatz buttercream), there will be hell to pay.
          I need a really good cake and I don't want to have to make it myself.

          1. re: radiogrl1

            My favorite bakery is without a doubt the Flakey Tart, but I don't remember seeing any cakes there either. I can however definately recommend the Cake Chef in Staten Island. Two weeks ago we had a party bring in a cake fron there, and it was outrageous! It was a layer cake with buttercream - the real stuff- coated with chocolate ganache, and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. I did however lose the business card for the Cake Chef, and after a google search it apears that the web-site is temporarily down as well. Now for a New Jersey recommendation, I like Abate Bakery in Matawan. While I have never been there myself, we have had quite a few cakes brought into the restaurant for private parties, and all have been very good, although I can't remember the cakes in detail - except for one. Three weeks ago my crew brought one in for my birthday, it was a Canolli Cake, which I know doesn't fit your needs, as you have specified that you weren't looking to go Italian, it was really good though! Maybe they can help you out.

            DISCLAIMER! Just for the record, I don't have any connection with these bakeries at all. The only bakery I deal with is the one who provides my bread, and since I have never tried cakes from there, they aren't mentioned here!

        2. My husband had Tabletop Gourmet in Brielle make my b-day cake last year -- it was awesome!! The pastry chef will make anything you request and everything always tastes so amazing. In addition to her cakes she makes awesome blondies and the key lime pie is to die for (make sure to ask for the one with the surprise chocolate layer - she will line the crust with chocolate to make sure the crust doesn't get soft from the filling -- yummy!)