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Aug 20, 2008 05:39 PM


Has anyone been to Root the new BYO on Spring Garden. The menu looks interesting, and I wonder what their performance is like.

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  1. We ate at Root on sunday the 4th. evening they were open for business. After reading the blurb in Klien's blog we were worried we would'nt be able to get a table, so we made an 8:00 reservation. As it turned out, we were the only ones there. The inside of the restaurant is sparce but in a way inviting, clean looking in form and with an urban feel... nice wooden table tops. The server was very nice as was the chef who greeted us as we walked in. I'm not going to say anything negative about our experience other than that I was disapointed they were out of an octopus app. that I would've liked to have ordered. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine when restaurants "86" things. I can understand it more if the place is packed and I take a late reservaion. I'd rather have a restaurant run out of something by 9:00 on a friday night and start fresh for the next day's service. But, this was only their fourth day opened, and I wouldn't expect them to be out of anything so early on. Other than that, lets just say there are some bugs to be worked out and leave it at that. I can't in good faith slam a place that has only been open 4 days. This is someone's business, most likely their dreams and a lot of money are on the line here. They're trying to make a go of it... so I'll suspend judgement for now and try them again in about 6 months. On thing we ate that was really good was the tartar trio and the bread that was served with along with it. I'm interested to hear anyone else's experience.

    1. Give them a try. We were there Sat nite and there were about 4-5 other tables. Like SFTP experience, they were out of a few things(ice creme sticks in my mind being a dessert person), however what we had was excellent. We shared the tartar appetizer, had the ravioli and turbo entrees, and gluttons that we are, ordered 3 desserts...buttercream cake (it was small and we brought it home!), lime tart and the creme brulee trio. We'd would definitely go back in a few weeks...we spoke with the chef/owner and he seems like he knows what needs to be corrected.

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        I had a great meal there on their third night. The chef was really open to feedback (which I think is so important at a new restaurant!) Also, just as an FYI...they told us that they had no ice cream because their freezer hadn't arrived yet.

      2. They are open for lunch tues-Fri and seem pretty reasonable, I'll try to get there soon and post. ANy other lunch folks?

        1. I tried the turbot poached in tea, it was not good, the whole dish just tasted (and stank) like bad, bitter tea. The oxtail and rabbit dish was a little better but the pasta was very dense, more like soggy flatbread than pasta, and the richness of oxtail was totally absent. Both were under-seasoned. Everything kind of fell short of its menu description.

          1. The menu was interesting, and the chef was willing to accomodate a vegetarian. The goat cheese tart with braised pears was outstanding. The meat eaters favorite dish was the pork. The place was sparsely occupied, but service was good. A little dark, I think they're waiting for a light installation to arrive yet. Dessert was a bargain, so we tried three. Our favorite thing was the milkshake that came with the chocolate begniets. Definitely worth a try. I worry that on such a desolate block, it will be a struggle for them to get enough business.

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              I was disappointed by the restaurant. I went there for dinner 2 weeks ago. The service was horribly slow even though the place was empty. We got the cheese plate but the 2 servers couldn't tell us the names of the cheeses. The cheese plate was pretty pitiful; I think they put 6 grapes on the plate. We ordered the smoked beef entree which for $26 was a rip off. It was a cheap cut of beef and definately not smoked. I will not go back any time soon.