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Aug 20, 2008 04:58 PM

What to do with great chicken stock?

So I just made some amazing chicken stock with roasted chicken and roasted carrots and onions. There's a bit of taragon in the roasting liquid but other than that. it's just very rich and deliciously rich stock.

Do anyone know of any interesting recipes that really bring out the stock flavor but also has a complex and multi-layered flavor? I love matzo ball soup and homemade chicken noodle but want want to try something different. I'm new to soup.

Thanks for any assistance.

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  1. Vegetable soups, pureed or not. I make my own stock and I often steep a sm. handful of herbs and just drink it like tea. The better something is, the more inclined I am to not murk it up with too many other ingredients. Like the better the cheese, the more I just eat it straight up.

    French onion soup is great when made with a really deep chicken stock, even though it's typically made with beef stock.

    1. Make a risotto, try just a milanese - your stock and some saffron, or try your stock and some other local seasonal vegetable. If you don't want to do risotto because of the time/work, consider couscous or orzo cooked in the stock, comes close without the work. Another option is a kind of bread soup/casserole - layers of bread (slightly stale) - and again your favorite, seasonal ingredients (don't layer cheese, add at the end if you want), cover with stock and bake til bubbly - oh mommy!

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        that was my first thought as well, make a risotto

        1. This would be a good recipe with your stock. Just sub some stock for part of the water in the recipe. You can also sub boiling potato, carrot, yam, or sweet potato for the ginseng if you want (although this would eliminate the "medicinal" properties).


          1. Unfortunately, anything but chicken soup is going to obscure the flavor of your stock. This isn't a bad thing; in the end it makes the other dishes better.

            Use it in good soups, like others recommended, or in your favorite risotto recipe.