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Aug 20, 2008 04:46 PM

The View Revolving restaurant...Desser Buffet

I'll be in NYC next weekend and we're planning on having the dessert buffet one evening after a long day of sight seeing at The View restaurant located in the Marriott Marquis.

Has anyone been there for the buffet? Do you know the price? How about table wait times? I tried to make a reservation but they only let you reserve if you're eating a full meal not just the buffet.

Any comments or tips would be much appreciated!



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  1. Don't go to the restaurant, you can do better. They used to have a buffet in the bar area (next to the restaurant) that was a good deal (nothing great). Not sure if they still have it. We went there once in awhile on week nights for a cheap dinner, drink and the view. The lines are usually really long on weekends (for the floor the bar area and restaurant are on). I think of this as a place for a drink or coffee. Last time I went we took some friends from out of town for drinks.

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      I agree with Financial.
      Its a place you go for banquet food.

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        Thanks for the replies guys....we aren't actually planning on eating anything other than the dessert buffet. We would have dinner somewhere else but thought it would be nice to pop in for the dessert spread and enjoy the view from the restaurant. Has anyone ever had the dessert buffet before? What are your thoughts?


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          (Got an account on this site just to answer this off-topic filled topic. Why can't anyone get to the real point noways? Was going to The View restaurant myself and really wanted to know the price for the dessert buffet. No I have been there, so here it goes ...)

          The price for the dessert buffet only is $17.95. Not that much if you get that price. But don't forget the tax and the fact that you have to (says so in the menu) pay for one drink. I chose water, which is the least expensive beverage everywhere. Here it was $5 (+ tax). I can get a lunch for $5. Well well.

          This leaves the price for the dessert buffet at: $24.87
          The whole buffet is $32.95, + tax and the least expensive beverage = about $40

          The view from the View is delicious, as are the desserts (and cheese). The outer track of the restaurant, the one with all the seats spinns at round per hour.

          I came to the restaurant at 6.30pm and was directly taken to a seat, no queues.

          The menu also said: "after 9pm a $7 per person cover charge applied to all lounge guests" I guess you have to pay extra to be there late.

          The service was absolutely terrific, by a "Jackie" with a nice french-inspired hair-due :)

          There also was a manned toilet - never seen one before in my life. He held out a towel when you had washed your hands. He had a big bucket of tip.

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            Martin. Wow! 100% helpful and on-topic response!

            I've been to the View for the Sunday Brunch (it's one of my go-to places for brunch when I have out-of-towners visiting) but didn't know they had a dessert buffet. That sounds more appealing than a whole dinner there. Thanks for the tip!

            Oh, and there's a couple of other attended toilets in the city. Saddest of all is 88 Palace in Chinatown (right under the Manhattan Bridge approach in the mall on E Broadway). It totally reminds me of Hong Kong, but the bathroom, back past the fish tanks, down the dank hall, with the old guy sitting by the door with a small assortment of aftershaves and a plate with $1 in it is a bit sad.

            88 Palace
            88 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

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              I was at the View over the weekend. Entirely unimpressed with the food, but the view for the fireworks was great.