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Aug 20, 2008 04:43 PM

good coffee & possibly a pastry in an upscale setting in Yorkville?

Is there anything that would be close to the Rahier or Dessert Trends quality level in Yorkville? Lettieri and Starbucks aren't upscale enough, and the Coffee Mill has too much of a restaurant feel. I'd like the place to use ceramic mugs or coffee cups instead of paper cups. I'd feel a little awkward at the Studio Cafe just ordering a coffee, but I have a feeling the person I'm meeting will have already eaten breakfast.

I can't think of any other places off hand. Needs to be more professional feeling, not romantic or cozy.

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  1. What about the Holt Refrew Cafe?

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Thanks for the idea, cheesymama. Checked the menu though- they don't seem to have any pastries or desserts on the menu, (although they might have desserts on a separate menu that isn't online)- just mains and salads;)

      1. re: phoenikia

        They definitely have pastries and desserts. Would Pusarteri's work? They have a cafe with a small seating area and a little patio outside too.

        1. re: cheesymama

          Good to know re: Holt's cafe. Thanks also for the Pusateri's idea- might not work for this time, but will have to give it a try one of these days when I'm on my own.Thanks again;)

      1. You needn't feel uncomfortable at Studio Cafe. It IS, after all, their coffee shop. If you feel the need to fancy it up, get the tea service instead. Love the little honey pots, honey.

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          Thanks for the vote of confidence for ordering coffee on its own, Googs. The person I'd be meeting is an academic from the UK- so I'm a little shy about exposing her to TO style tea service;)

        2. Oh geez... coffee and pastry in Yorkville?

          Here's the downlow - the immediate Yorkville is an area complete with pretentious fashion fauxnistas on a nauseating parade to see and be seen. Their comprehension of what is good or bad, revolves on what coffee brand logo is most often seen in the rags.

          In short, if there was a "Coffee Bean" coffee shop in Yorkville, I guarantee that there would be a line up outside. A legion of oversized sunglass wearing glitteratzi wannabes waiting for their chance to sip on a blended ice coffee beverage, burken bag lackadaisically hung on their out pointed wrists while cradleing a blinged iPhone on their shoulders for pointed conversations dotted with, "Oh m'god!" "Loves it" "No, you're fierce" and "I can't believe Heidi is such a bitch to Lauren... I mean anyone with hair like that can't afford to be mean to anyone - HOW DOES SHE HAVE FRIENDS?"

          I've often wondered the same thing myself...

          However, if you leave the immediate Yorkville area and explore the surrounding areas, you can come up with some decent results.

          While, not typically a coffee/pastry shop, Jacques Bistro du Parc has lovely quiches, a great view and a charmingly authentic French feel. That is in the frey of the Yorkvillans, but it is located on the top floor of a building - no patio confuses the average "more money than sense" crowd.

          Go North on Yonge, and on the corner of Roxburough and Yonge is a cafe called, Cafe Doria - it's been a little while since I was there. But, the last time I went I enjoyed a tasty panini with a crisp crust and a double espresso nary the need of sugar. They have a little patio, but it's often busy I notice when I go by.

          Along that same stretch is a French Patisserie - Bon Gout? I can never remember the name of it. It is unmistakable. It is a little North of Cafe Doria, on Yonge Street and just South of the Rebel House. It's got delicious meringues and a sweet French feel.

          Croissants - I'm not opposed to Patachou, which is also along that stretch on Yonge Street. But, I'm not much of a fan of anything else there. The Patachou croissants aren't the best, but they aren't a bad offering in the area.

          Finally, Dessert Lady - return down to Cumberland, East of Bay is the Dessert Lady. She makes a lovely assortment of fresh cookies cakes and pies. Gelato etc etc etc.

          Grab yourself something lovely, a good coffee to go, walk West along Cumberland, sit on the rock and watch the insanity pass by - one of my favorite experiences.

          Or Biscotti from Dessert Lady and a discreet box of wine on the rock, enjoying the sunshine and people watching - like they do in Europe.

          Because, in my own socially acceptable way - I too am a wannabe.

          I wanna be Euro-chic 2.0

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          1. re: virtualvelma

            Thanks for the insightful social critique, virtualvelma, but leaving the neighbourhood or sitting on the big rock with a box of wine isn't going to work this time;)

            There is a coffee shop with no logo that appeals to the humble folk in Yorkville - it's the Coffee Mill. Just doesn't have the business-like environment I need for my 11 am meeting.

          2. Meet in a restaurant at one of the hotels in the area. The Intercontinental on Bloor (it's a little bit out of Yorkville) would suit a business meeting.