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Aug 20, 2008 03:55 PM

Sweets in Paris

I want to indulge in cakes, pastries, tartes, croissants, marron glaces, ice cream and chocolates while in Paris. What are your favorite sweet places (either take out or sit-in)?

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  1. Lots of discussions here about sweets, patisseries, etc.
    Did you search already?

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    1. Brocco Patisserie, depuis 1889. 178 rue du Temple 75003. I was amazed by the little jewel-like cakes on display. I had an apple tart. The best ever. I think it is in Republique, not exactly a tourist destination.

      1. Parisians have an insatiable sweet tooth. No matter where you are, you wont be far from someplace to indulge. Marron Glace is kind of a seasonal thing but IMO the ones from Laduree are top notch.

        1. Lauderee is the place to go. Check out Conde Nast-Concierge. I believe they rec'd some really good ones. We went to a few they mentioned, but I can't recall the name right now. Have fun in Paris! :) Tell the city I said hello!

          1. What I envision is a scene from an old film, Cousin Cousine, where a couple selects all sorts of delicious pastries at a patisserie and tuck into each and every one of them. Thanks to your suggestions, I will attempt to recreate that scene, even though I'm with a bunch of girlfriends on this trip (husband stays home with the kitty).