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Aug 20, 2008 03:54 PM

Seattle: Lighter Dinner Fare

I'm headed to Seattle and need a dinner recommendation for a lighter dinner recommendation for Sunday night.

We're slated to eat at Crush, Cafe Juanita, Cafe Campagne, and Matt's at the Market. So - I need a place that's going to give my tastebuds (and belly and wallet) a slight rest. Looking for good, fresh, and tasty. Trying to avoid heavy and rich food.

We're in Downtown...but we might be able to venture out a bit. A short taxi ride is within the budget.

Good value lunch recommendations are also welcome!

Also - we're going to a concert at Wamu Theater next Tuesday. Any good bars w/ good food nearby for a pre-concert bite?

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  1. i would do Matts for lunch, not dinner. Spur is not near Wamu theatre but would be a straight shot down 1st ave and possibly the best bet for a good bar w/ good bites imo (both the food and the drinks at, say, Union are less interesting imo). Barolo would be another option (go early for the happy hour prices at the bar)

    1. Green Leaf in the ID. Have the green mango or green papaya salad (comes with your choice of steamed or grilled shrimp or tofu). Light, tasty, healthy, reasonably priced. Order a bowl of rice to go with it and you have a complete meal. Or go up to Tango for some small plates.

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        How to Cook a Wolf (about 10 min cab on Queen Anne) is small plates. You can go as light or as full as you want. Bright fresh flavors. Sunday is a good night, less wait (no res taken).