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Aug 20, 2008 03:50 PM

Pizzeria Regina simple but tasty

My family and I went to this rustic, basic pizzeria today because my brother had read about it incessantly on line and said it got rave reviews. I was less than impressed when we were brusquely told to wait outside in a long line before being seated, but it was worth the wait!
They plunked down paper plates and silverware and we ordered two pizzas; one with a red sauce and capers and anchovies, the other with mushrooms and sausage. Make sure you have the red sauce one! It is really simple but it was the best pizza I ever have had - it literally bursts with flavour in your mouth. They must do something with the sauce -- I suspect they simmer it for hours and it really is a symphony of taste sensations (that sounds corny but it's really pretty fantastic). The other one was still great, with tons of mushrooms and cheese. But not as unique as the red sauce one. I totally recommend this place -- it's very crowded, and don't expect A-1 class service. People don't come here for the service. They come for the simple, tasty food. I'd go back again for sure!

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    1. re: failingwannabevegan

      Another convert. Thanks for your first post, Marcial. Here's to more from ya.

    2. Simply The Best! I love it.

      1. we prefer it to their other locations, despite the wait. And, if you haven't been in awhile, they now take credit cards, whoo hoo!

        JFYI, next weekend is St. Anthony's feast. The area will be mobbed, PR usually sets up outside on the street and moves slices like crazy. Yum!

        1. ...and certainly while not to everyone's taste (like anchovies), the brusque service is all part of the Regina's package/charm and it comes along with the paper plates. Sort of the old Durgin Park experience if anyone remembers it..

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          1. re: Northender

            Maybe it's just a reflection of my own personal lack of warm-n-fuzziness, but I don't find the service at Regina brusque. The last time Allstonian and I were in there, that one waitress with the smoker's rasp and the big hair who looks to be in her 50s or so loaded up the jukebox with quarters and was playing nothing but Donna Summer hits, singing in the aisles between customers and playing with the adorable kid in the booth behind us. And this was at like eight on a Saturday night, so it's not like it was a slow stretch or anything.

            I assume the myth of the rude waitresses at Regina is a holdover from the days when that one assistant manager who was eventually exposed in the local papers as a flagrant and abusive sexual harrasser was still working there. That would make anybody testy, having to deal with that crap.

            1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

              I don't disagree with you in so far as i find the waitresses to be a lot of fun. They just tend to run the place their way (which is fine with me) and some people find it brusque (but not necessarily rude). Whichever definition one uses, the place is still a great scene with very good pizza and bygone day charm.

          2. They also have an outdoor setup during St. Anthony's Feast where you can order pizza and a nice cold Peroni Beer. The Feast is August 29-Sept. 1st -