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Aug 20, 2008 03:13 PM

Great Chinese? Frisco area???

Today is my 53rd birthday and my son's 18th birthday. I really am craving chinese, good chinese, although NOT expensive, since I have several people that will be going. Suggestions.....please????????

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  1. what's your idea of great Chinese? what region do you prefer, do you prefer authentic, fusion, or Americanized? Any dish in particular? You'll have to go to at least Plano or Richardson, there's nothing in Frisco that I know of. And lastly, I assure you one ? per question is all you need to get answers.

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    1. re: luniz

      Americanized chinese, I should have clarified. Plano is fine..I just don't want to drive more than 15 miles or so....we just want something quick for about 8 people. My son celebrates his birthday in style this weekend. This is the only thing the group could agree with me on...haha

      1. re: Jalli52

        To me, the words "Americanized" and "good Chinese" don't really mix. If you're looking for sesame chicken with all white meat done in a "nicer" atmosphere, well, that's what P.F. Chang's was invented for. If you're really against the idea of chains, the only "nicer" Americanized Chinese place I can think of is May Dragon in Addison.

        Yao Fuzi in Plano offers a menu that has authentic and Americanized dishes. The atmosphere is nice. That's probably the best foodie rec I can provide per your requirements.

        1. re: donnaaries

          what about mr wok in plano? I really like their hot and sour soup and have seen many anglos eating there...

          1. re: lizlemon

            I want to try the Peking Duck so I've been putting off going. I've heard that it's good from many varied places, all honkies though. As for hot n sour soup, I used to love it, but then Donna made me feel bad for ordering it :D

            1. re: luniz

              yes, i am also waiting to go back for the duck, but reading donna's recs, i should go to houston for the best?? so what is your fav, or the best so far, HHS hot sour soup? I have tried many, first BBQ, the BBQ place by may hua, then was surprised that Mr Wok had one with great balance, sour and spicy and good meaty substance for ingredients.. thanks!

          2. re: donnaaries

            We will try PF Changs this weekend....thanks I have heard from others this is good food, service and atmosphere. .

            1. re: donnaaries

              I am with donna on this one....Americanized and good chinese do not mix for me either.

              I would ask your neighbors b/c some of them might know of places up there. I believe there was someone who told me about a place on Stonebrook Pkwy was fairly good. I believe it was called Hot Wok Cafe. I haven't been so I can't attest to the greatness.

              When I get Chinese food cravings I make the drive from Lewisville to Little Sichuan in Plano.

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                I also agree that Americaned and good Chinese are pretty close to opposites. PF Changs is fine and I doubt anyone will dislike it which might be the safe bet with a large group. There is a somewhat popular Chinese place in Frisco at Preston and Main St that has a decent lunch buffet but is really not a place to write home about, I forget its name.

        2. Jalli52, please, if you want to impress your friends and family, bring them to Yao Fu Zhe in Plano, Park/Preston?. I suppose if you've never tried PF Chang's, you should go, but only as a comparison, not as the end all be all of your 'chinese' food experience. For the same price range, you will get much better food, atmosphere (antique furniture from china, and service (linen service and fancy chopstick rests) at Yao's. IMO chinese food should be prepared by chinese people at the least. just my humble opinion. thanks!