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what to do with dill

Suddenly had an urge to buy some but haven't a clue what exactly to do with it. So far I've just been sniffing it. Please help me get my head out of the bag.

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  1. Anything from fish, potatoes, or eggs.

    Tuna salad, egg salad, omelet, baked fish, potato salad, boiled potatoes.

    If the bunch can't be used up, chop it finely and mix with a small amount of mayo to preserve it for use soon in the future,

    1. Dill is wonderful with both salmon and potatoes. Serve a cucumber/dill raita with salmon. Toss buttered boiled potatoes with dill.

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          1. I did the same thing last week because I saw Jamie at Home making warm dill potato salad...which I could not get out of my head, it was really good btw. I then still had a ton left so I made a cottage cheese yeast bread with dill and then threw a ton into my leftover salmon to make salmon cakes! Sad to admit after all that I still have a bit left but think I am all dilled out....

            oh, and I just also re-found this in my favorites...

            1. Two nice summery things to do with dill:

              Cucumber salad--slice 2 or 3 kirbycucmbers, sliver up some red onion, and mix with a sauce made of sour cream, with white vinegar and sugar added to taste to make it sweet and sour, and lots of dill.

              Eggplant--saute slices of eggplant, or brush with oil and bake. Make a sauce of yogurt, chopped garlic and dill, and spoon over the eggplant. Can be eaten hot, cold, or room temperature.

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                I always recommend this cucumber salad...similar to the one above but no sour cream. Add some red onion.


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                  Here's another cucumber and dill salad, with mustard, that I love: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

              2. All great, classic suggestions. I'm only smart enough to add... Add to salads, whether green or slaw or whatever. Not too much, but makes a nice addition to most salads.

                1. dill dip.. the bane of any good dinner party.. but one that curiously gets eaten every time. this is good with fresh veg to dunk (or esp good with deep fried zucchini)

                  2/3 cup mayo
                  2/3 cup sour cream
                  1 tbsp (i use a little more of each of the folloing)
                  chopped green onion
                  fresh chopped parsley
                  fresh chopped dill
                  1 tsp of minced garlic

                  and either:
                  1 tsp beau monde seasoning (from spice island) or if you don't have or can't find... a little celery salt and minced onion.

                  1. See this thread - many replies (includes uses for mint as well as dill):


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                      Thanks everyone! So many great ideas. Will now stop smelling and get cooking.

                    2. If you like dill it is just about the easiest plant I have ever grown. Just throw some seeds in the dirt and they will grow into more dill than you can possibly use. Two of my standard fresh dill uses are in potato pancakes and in pickles (easier than you probably think and it is pickling season).

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                        I just love the looks of dill growing in pots, as well as the feathery soft growth, but the taste is just overpowering for me. I use TINY bits in cooking and still taste it hours later. I usually grow it mostly to give away to friends!

                      2. Tweetie, I hear ya. I often get adventurous in the store, thinking I'll expand my home-cooking horizons by buying some new ingredient. Then it just sits there while I scratch my head.

                        I love dill. As a child, I would eat it fresh out of my grandparents' garden, just grab a handful and start munching. Seems like there are already plenty of fine suggestions posted above. But I have to add that I always loved my grandmother's ricotta and dill pirogis.

                        1. Cheddar Dill scones. Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa had a great recipe. Easy and delicious.

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                            On that note, herbed quickbreads, scones or biscuits are great with fresh chopped dill weed or it's seed. I also like to use the seed alone or as part of a blend of seeds for topping flatbreads or breadsticks.

                          2. Sunday mornings, I mix dill, sour cream, cholula sauce and horseradish as a sauce to put over latkes. Pure comfort

                            1. Swedish lamb stew? gravlax?

                              1. You can halve this recipe just to give it a try (that's what I did and couldn't stop eating it).

                                Dilled Potato and Pickled Cucumber Salad

                                6 Tbsp DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR
                                4 tsp COARSE KOSHER SALT
                                2 1-pound ENGLISH HOTHOUSE CUCUMBERS, very thinly sliced
                                ½ cup plus 3 Tbsp CHOPPED FRESH DILL

                                3¼ lbs YUKON GOLD POTATOES (about 10 medium), unpeeled
                                Additional coarse KOSHER SALT
                                1 cup very thinly SLICED WHITE ONION
                                8 RADISHES, trimmed, thinly sliced
                                ¾ cup MAYONNAISE
                                SMALL RADISHES WITH GREEN TOPS

                                Stir vinegar and 4 teaspoons coarse salt in small bowl until salt dissolves. Place cucumbers and ½ cup dill in heavy 1-gallon re-sealable plastic bag. Add vinegar mixture; seal bag. Turn several times to coat. Refrigerate overnight, turning bag occasionally.

                                Pour cucumber mixture into large sieve set over bowl. Drain at least 1 hour and up to 3 hours. Discard brine.

                                Cook potatoes in large pot of boiling salted water until tender, about 30 minutes. Drain. Cool potatoes completely. Peel potatoes; quarter lengthwise. Cut crosswise into ½ inch-thick slices. Place potatoes in large bowl; sprinkle generously with coarse salt and pepper. Add drained cucumbers, onion, sliced radishes, and remaining 3 tablespoons dill; toss to blend. Let stand 1 hour. Stir mayonnaise into salad. Season generously with salt and pepper, if desired. (Salad can be made 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate.)

                                Mound salad in bowl; garnish with whole radishes. Serve cold or at room temperature. Makes 8 servings. Posted at finerkitchens
                                My note: This is wonderful! You don’t have to marinate cucumbers overnight – just one hour (if very thinly sliced) is sufficient. Watch the salt (don’t be too generous!). I made this 7/28/08 using about 1.5 lbs Yukon potatoes and half an English cucumber…just guestimated measurements for other ingredients.

                                1. my favorite pasta salad ...I toss orzo pasta with cooked shrimp, lemon zest, dill, mayo, white wine vinegar and chopped shallots and celery. Very good summer side dish.

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                                    Many thanks again for so many ideas, especially those involving cucumbers as we've got them in our garden battling with the zucchini for most prolific growing status!

                                  2. Holodnik (little cold one) A cold sour cream (or yogurt) borscht. Cooked & cooled young beets, diced baby beet greens, scallions and diced fresh dill and mix in sour cream & and cooled beet water; a lovely magenta color. Stick in the center a hot boiled potato, like an Iceberg in a gaspacho sea and you're in Russian summer heaven.

                                    1. If you plant Dill, you will have more dill than you know what to do with it. Easy solution: DILL PESTO great to add to pasta, on crackers, on fish, etc. There are many easy ways to make this, but basically pulse it with walnuts/ pecans/ pine nuts, etc., add in garlic, salt, and drizzle in olive oil add Parmesean. I am making this right now. Super yummy.

                                      1. Gotta love reviving old threads.. especially when they are pertinent! Just got a bunch of dill and trying to use it this week. :)

                                        I made a lovely warm leek and flageolet salad with dill and mustard as well as a beet, potato, red lentil soup with dill and miso.

                                        Planning on making a flageolet bean, carrot and dill salad (based on 101 cookbook's recipe) and maybe a cucumber-dill salad.

                                        Would love any other vegan-friendly suggestions!

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                                        1. Dill is a key ingredient in spanakopita. Yum.

                                          1. Just the word Dill
                                            warms the heart of the gardener.
                                            It is reason we toil in the soil.

                                            Its best if you stake it
                                            as it grows sorta spindly
                                            and bends to the wind.

                                            It is now in full flower
                                            with its promise of seed.
                                            Soft yellow petals dance.
                                            Glad that I staked her.

                                            Easiest herb to carry
                                            through all of the seasons
                                            my freezer a treasure trove
                                            of fresh fertile leaves.

                                            When flowers go seed
                                            It's a snap in the microwave
                                            to give start to their drying
                                            then to paper bags hanging.

                                            Leaves from the freezer
                                            are chopped added to 'taters
                                            and while distinct from basil
                                            Hold their own with fresh 'maters

                                            And never fresh salmon
                                            or more lowly canned tuna
                                            go down my gullet
                                            without dose of dill.

                                            It is the heart of my garden.

                                            1. Persian dill rice with lima beans... sorry I don't have a recipe, but I've eaten it in a restaurant... It is soooooo good!

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                                                Second the persian dill rice. One of my favorite ways to use dill!

                                              2. Stuff a whole fish with tons of dill, sliced lemons and other herbs and grill.

                                                1. Dill bread. (Yeast dough). Dill sauce, for fish. Potato salad. Cucumber salads and soups. And of course......pickles. Fast pickles. And below, the dilled green beans are a great wonderful suggestion, all crispy and tangy and briny.....and fresh steamed green beans are great with a dill butter.

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                                                    Speaking of pickles - carrot and green bean dill pickles are awesome and addictive, too!

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                                                      Someone once gave me a lovingly made jar of pickled carrots with dill; they were crunchy and delicious, perfectly vingered, obviously not cooked first but raw packed. Boy, they were great. I've tried to recreate those pickles a few times but mine were never as good. So yeah, I vote for carrot and green bean pickles with dill.

                                                      And mamachef, half sours, with plenty of fresh dill and garlic. Make 'em overnight, ready to eat in a few days.

                                                  2. Here are a couple of dillies:

                                                    Beef consome w/ fresh dill and a dollop of smetana (sour cream).

                                                    Russian pielmeni or pieroshki (ravieoli) w/ dill.

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                                                      I want that consomme with dill, but can it have pierogis in it? Or something so I can use more smetana?

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                                                        Da! Da Konechna! Of course. I made more Xolodnik, cold buttermilk borscht, w/ lots of fresh dill, today!

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                                                          Mmmmm with lots of cucumber, I hope. Which reminds me, I was just mentioning pickled watermelon, another wonderful dilly thing, and it put me in mind of you.

                                                    2. I make a cold, Chinese watermelon soup, served in the hollowed out watermelon. It's a dilly!

                                                      1. Parsley is traditional with Wendish noodles ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wends_of... ; http://www.wendish.net/twhs ), but I tried them with chopped fresh dill last spring (ended in Texas in late April/early May this year) with fantastic results.

                                                        1. There's a soup my mom used to make with dill, buttermilk, garlic and pureed cauliflower. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it was some pretty soothing comfort food.

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                                                            Served chilled, right? Maybe's it's my wishful thinking for cold things; chilled that sounds perfect for today. I've done similar with potatoes as a base, with plenty of leeks, similar to a vichyssoise, but flavored with dill.

                                                          2. Dill goes really well with beef and potato stew as well as bean soup. Adds so much flavor to it.

                                                            1. Nice to see this thread grow around this wonderful herb.

                                                              A while back I made a tonnato on poached pork loin, with a good dose of dill.

                                                              Who the hell woulda' thought that FoodFuser was a poacher
                                                              but I wanted the meat to offer its consistent texture
                                                              while tonnato gave the bulk of the flavor.

                                                              (NOT pork tenderloin, which comes in a cryovacced 3 pound pair)

                                                              Sliced a four pound loin lengthwise
                                                              So that when sliced, would yield some good half-moons.
                                                              In a tonnato, layering and presentation is everything.

                                                              Did bagged marination of half moons in dill tonnato.
                                                              arranged on the serving plate
                                                              then ran the remaining tonnato down the centers
                                                              followed by a firm line of visible chopped dill.
                                                              to explain to the senses why the sauce was sorta green.


                                                              1. I'm doing a Portuguese braised beef w/ churico, onion, garlic kale, potato and dill.

                                                                1. Dill is a great herb that pairs well with seafood.


                                                                  Baked Sea Bream with Fennel, Olives, Lemon and Dill

                                                                  2 (1 pound) Sea Breams, deboned and butterflied with head and tail on

                                                                  1/3 fennel bulb, thinly sliced

                                                                  6 Kalamata olives, thinly sliced

                                                                  1 garlic clove, thinly sliced

                                                                  1/2 lemon, thinly sliced

                                                                  fresh dill sprigs

                                                                  olive oil

                                                                  sea salt

                                                                  cracked black pepper

                                                                  Preheat oven to 375F.

                                                                  Rinse the fishes under cold water and pat dry.

                                                                  Drizzle olive oil on a baking sheet and place fishes on top of it.

                                                                  Season the inside and outside of the fishes with salt and pepper. Set aside.

                                                                  Warm about 1 tablespoon olive oil in a pan on medium heat. Add the fennel and cook until softening, about 4 minutes.

                                                                  Add in olives and garlic. Cook until flavors meld, about 2 minutes.

                                                                  Stuff the fishes with the fennel and olive mixture.

                                                                  Add in lemon slices and some fresh sprigs of dill.

                                                                  Fold the top of the butterflied fishes over the mixture and drizzle the outside with olive oil.

                                                                  Bake for about 15 minutes.

                                                                  1. Dill goes really well with steamed carrots(with butter, of course.)

                                                                    1. I've made classic lamb free dill and currant stuffed grape leaves, cooked rice of choice, combined with sauteed onions, currants, plenty of fresh minced dill, parsley and/or mint, and lemon juice, season to taste with a pinch or two of allspice; fill and roll the grape leaves and poach gently, drizzled with olive oil, until tender, in light chicken or vegetable stock and white wine, chill and garnish with a bit more olive oil and lemon; these make a delicious starter or small plate. Lucky you if you can get fresh grape leaves, alas, I only had the jarred.

                                                                      This could be easily replicated without a recipe guide, but I'm sure there are plenty of stuffed grape leaf recipe variations online.