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Aug 20, 2008 02:58 PM

what to do with dill

Suddenly had an urge to buy some but haven't a clue what exactly to do with it. So far I've just been sniffing it. Please help me get my head out of the bag.

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  1. Anything from fish, potatoes, or eggs.

    Tuna salad, egg salad, omelet, baked fish, potato salad, boiled potatoes.

    If the bunch can't be used up, chop it finely and mix with a small amount of mayo to preserve it for use soon in the future,

    1. Dill is wonderful with both salmon and potatoes. Serve a cucumber/dill raita with salmon. Toss buttered boiled potatoes with dill.

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          1. I did the same thing last week because I saw Jamie at Home making warm dill potato salad...which I could not get out of my head, it was really good btw. I then still had a ton left so I made a cottage cheese yeast bread with dill and then threw a ton into my leftover salmon to make salmon cakes! Sad to admit after all that I still have a bit left but think I am all dilled out....

            oh, and I just also re-found this in my favorites...

            1. Two nice summery things to do with dill:

              Cucumber salad--slice 2 or 3 kirbycucmbers, sliver up some red onion, and mix with a sauce made of sour cream, with white vinegar and sugar added to taste to make it sweet and sour, and lots of dill.

              Eggplant--saute slices of eggplant, or brush with oil and bake. Make a sauce of yogurt, chopped garlic and dill, and spoon over the eggplant. Can be eaten hot, cold, or room temperature.

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                I always recommend this cucumber salad...similar to the one above but no sour cream. Add some red onion.


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                  Here's another cucumber and dill salad, with mustard, that I love: