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Aug 20, 2008 01:57 PM

Nathan Phillip Sq. Thurs. Lunch - any good?

I heard a lot of restaurants are offering sample foods for around $5 during lunch hours on Nathan Phillip Square every Thursday between 12-2pm, any one been? is it worthwhile to make a trip for?

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  1. Definitely worth it. Had the pulled pork on a bun (moist and delicious with a nice helping of BBQ sauce) from the Purple Pig. They usually have a decent band playing on the stage and lots of picnic tables. For $5 it's a nice way to spend a lunch hour (beats going to the food court fer sure). Best to get there around 11:30 before the crowds

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    1. re: Finnegan

      And does anyone know 'til when will they be around? I suspect this is a summer thing and I won't have a chance to make it there until early September.

      1. re: tarteaucitron

        I'm fairly certain it ends at the end of August

    2. I didn't really like it that much. I tried the pulled pork (small, small portion), the ribs (TEENY..and really chewy) the crab cakes and rice from Big Daddy's (again, small and COLD), samosas (alright), the potato omelette and pork (a dry cold lump). Everyone was lined up at the Thai place so I didn't try that one. I hate to sound like a whiner but really, I spent almost $25 that day (it adds up quick!) and I would've rather gone to Bymark or Canoe. At least my dish would've been hot!

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      1. re: pinkprimp

        It ends next Thursday (the 28th) and yeah, it's not that great of a deal but at $5 with the great weather, it's all right. Do go before noon though.

        Of the things I've tried, I don't recommend the pad thai -- even Spring Rolls is better than that. The Pervuian place is pretty damn pricy for what little they give you. The only thing I'll have again is Dangerous Dan's rib eye sandwich.

        1. re: tksh

          What time do they start serving food(I was there last Thursday(Aug 14th) visiting from Montreal)? So the eating establishments don't change week to week there(I remember the Dangerous Dan booth)?

      2. i thought the pulled pork was really tasty .. i also had a kobe beef dog, but for $5 i'd rather get a regular hot dog from one of the trucks

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          I had the ribs from Purple Pig and they made me feel ill all evening. The ceviche from the Peruvian place looked lovely, if it's there, I'll get that next week.

          1. re: mia_wallace

            I didn't find the ribs to be a problem on the stomach, but they weren't that great either (rather dry, boring BBQ sauce). I didn't mind the pulled pork, a bit on the sweet side with all the sauce it's drenched in (my kid loved it). Bun was nice and fresh. It was much better than what I had at the burlington BBQ fest I had last year (probably went to the wrong stall). Mind you, I haven't eaten pulled pork much so I don't know what a good one is supposed to taste like.

        2. I find the lineups dreadful.. so like somebody said, get there before noon.

          On a hot day, the ceviche is a great deal. Nice pieces of white fish and pretty generous with the shrimp as well. Ceviche and a couple of empanadas, you've got a nice lunch.