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Aug 20, 2008 01:39 PM

We're Roasting a Pig

My husband got a La Caja China roaster and we are going to roast a 64 lb pig in it. It will be a party for sure. I think we'll do it Cuban style. We will be doing this the 3rd weekend of September.

Anyone ever use one of these before? Ideas for side dishes?


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  1. We have one did a pig in it a few weeks ago it was outstanding. I sort of made it a southern theme. We live in Dallas I did tomato mozz and fresh basil salad. I did a salad called overnight salad because I could make it the night befor. I did cheese grits and blak-eyed peas. I did homemade Biscuits with apple butter sliced water melon and apricot fried pies for desert. We had 50 guest our pig weight 60 lbs and it was devoured. I also had some barbequed chicken thighs.

    1. check out
      go to the recipe page. they have some great sides.