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Aug 20, 2008 01:37 PM

Beefsteak tomatoes-need variety of recipes, please

I have several beefsteak tomatos to eat this week.

I just know a few simple recipes and would really like to hear your ideas.
So far, I will be making:
(1) Cut in half, breaded topping and bake
(2) Insalata Caprese
(3) Cut in half, hollowed and stuffed with chicken salad
chicken salad is with celery, mayo, cashews and Bell'Aroma spice

I have to watch calories, but need flavor.
I am also trying to watch cholesterol, but can have 2% fat cheeses.
It's hot during the day (high 90s), but cools at night (low 60s).

But, my restrictions won't last forwever. So fill me up with your RECIPES, please, using beefsteak tomatoes. Thanks !

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  1. When my Dad was alive, he had a very simple recipe.

    Go to the garden pick several Beefy's
    Sprinkle with sugar
    It's one of my fondest memories of him, thanks for letting me share.

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      Isn't the classic Peter Luger salad 1/2 sliced tomatos interspersed with 1/2 thick slices of vidalia onions? Drizzle with thier steak sauce or any vinaigrette.

      I love a classic tom 'wich: fluffy whole wheat bread (Pepperidge farm) Hellman's mayo (Lite is ok), thick juicy slices of tom. Yum.

      Composed salad is good---line a platter with slices of tom, sprinkle with whatevert you like, chopped red onion, crumbled feta, thin round of red pepper.... use your imagination..........drizzle with olive oil, red wine or balsmic vinegar, herbs. Serve each person with a spatula.

    2. well i do them stuffed with like a chicken and rice mix with other good stuff and bake them which is good, or you can make salsa from them, or i love warm toast with tomatoe and just mayo on the bread. i cant spell it but i think its bruchetta, sweat out some onions and maybe garlic if you like it add the tomatoes cut up salt pepper um i think tyme is nice in it as well i havnt made it in a long time. then just serve on like a bagette or something. il try and thinkof more

      1. Washington Post had a recipe this past week that I'm itching to try. Cut two thick slices of tomato. In between, spread boursin cheese (you can get this light - the recipe also called for bacon, though you may need to omit it. I would also be tempted to try with goat cheese or with mozzarella), and sandwich them together. Coat the ends with breadcrumbs and pan fry briefly.