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Aug 20, 2008 01:33 PM

Grocery/Markets on Oahu

Seems to be some chatter from Oahu Chowhounds re: markets including Trader Joes (and lack there of), incoming WholeFoods, Pros/Cons of Safeway (and other chains). Add your thoughts here about those and other markets on Oahu. Where do you do your best shopping? What is your secret for getting the freshest foods on the island?

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  1. I have to go to market hopping to get the best items. Kokua market, the farmer's market at KCC are where I've picked up the freshest local grown produce. chinatown also has some gems but don't know how much is local.

    Other specialty items can be found at Mercado de la Raza for Mexican stuff, and Holiday Mart> Daiei> Don Quijote's for Asian ingredients.

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      22 Good -

      Thanks for replying! I completely agree with you about KCC Farmer's Mkt, although not so much a fan of Don Quijotes (am I missing something there?). Have you ever been to Marukai? I am quite curious about that location.

      Thanks for the suggestion about Mercado de la Raza!! Can't wait to visit!