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Aug 20, 2008 12:52 PM

Culinary School/Restaurants?

I heard from my aunt that there are culinary schools in the upstate area that open restaurants for the public. Basically, customers are test subject for the chef-to-be's, but get a slightly discounted price and chance to taste from future master chefs.

So, my question is, is this real? or urban legend?

If real, where can they be found? Has anyone tried it? What was the experience?

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  1. Yes, It's true. The CIA in Hyde Park, NY has several restaurants open to the public for example.

    1. Riverhead, NY has a culinary school (Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) Culinary Arts and Hospitality Center) open to the public for lunch and breakfast. It is on Main Street in the center of town.


      1. I graduated from NY Tech (Westbury and CI) and they had weekly dinners that were unbelievable. It's exactly what you heard. You can't go wrong.


          peep the different restaurants along with their menus that the CIA offers

          1. In addition to the CIA, the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan has a restaurant called L'Ecole which is very good.

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              Schenectady Community College has a very good culinary program. Their restaurant serves lunch and dinner, but on a more limited basis and is often theme-based. They are very popular and often quickly reserve up.