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Aug 20, 2008 12:44 PM

Ithaca, Moosewood and other restaurants

We're going to be passing through Ithaca next Saturday around lunch time and were planning on stopping the Moosewood Cafe until I read the most recent post about it from Aug 18. Sounds like a dud and a place we should stay away from. The poster does suggest the Lost Dog Cafe. Any other restaurants in Ithaca or south that we might enjoy - not necessarily vegetarian .


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  1. Lost Dog is good...only eaten there once or twice though and that was probably 3 years ago. But I seem to still be hearing good things about it. Taste of Thai, on the Commons, is delicious. Just A Taste is a tapas place near the Commons that I have always enjoyed. Maxie's Supper Club has good Cajun/seafood fare.