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Aug 20, 2008 12:39 PM

Seeking: Lobster Bake in NJ

Where can I find a lobster bake or something similar in New Jersey? I am not looking for a one-time catered event, but something that is offered on a regular or weekly basis. It can be all-inclusive (buffet-style), all-you-can eat or ala-carte menu. I would prefer something within 60 +/- miles from Central NJ, but am willing to travel a further distance (NY, NJ, CT, DE) on your recommendation. Thanks.

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    1. re: Tapas52

      I think the Seaview Marriott near AC still has a seafood buffet on Friday nights.

    2. Look into the Quay in Sea Bright - they were running all you can eat lobster nights for a while. I believe the website is www,thequayrestaurant,com

      1. These are great. Keep em' coming. I would also enjoy hearing about some places that are a bit more rustic and/or casual, if they do exist.

        1. According to Artful Diner, Andre's in Newton is having one on Sunday.

          1. Morgan Seafood on Rt. 35 N. in Sayreville always has fresh lobster and much more. Best seafood I know of in Middlesex county and its BYOB, but tiny and no ambiance.