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Aug 20, 2008 12:34 PM

At home sushi catering

I am looking to host a party at our home (in central Toronto), catered with a Sushi chef. From researching local catering companies, I haven't found one that fits the bill. Would chefs from local sushi restaurants be available for such an event, or would you have a better idea of how one would go about this?

My wife is having a milestone birthday this year, and I'd like to make it one to remember.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I'm not sure where you're located but Mye in Oakville does this. I was at a party several years ago and the hosts hired the owner Moe to come and cater the party. I believe he brought some rolls already prepared but he prepared most of the dishes on site. It was the first time I had bbq eel - now it's my fav. I remember him being very interesting and entertaining.

    1. My colleague's friend has a catering business. I don't know if the price is right for you but here's his website.

      The site seems to only give some basic choices like tuna, salmon and Calif. rolls, but I guess you can ask if you can special order other types of fish or whatever.

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        Thanks Lilith. I was thinking of having the chef come and prepare fresh sushi at the house. Maybe have it be a little interactive by showing guests how to prepare, and making items to order. Dr. Sushi may be a good alternative though.

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          john lee at omi might be busy by the time the event actually rolls around since he's due to open his new place in about 2 weeks but he would be my sushi catering go to. he makes some of the best sushi in town (perfect rice, nice variety of seafood, passionate) and could probably do the job quite easily. though i'm not sure about a "show" and to be honest, if you really want someone to be making items to order, be prepared to pay for the cost of having enough ingredients available.

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              in desperation i called up his number a week or so ago and he happily chatted with me for a bit though expressed regret that it would be a few more weeks still. a couple more weeks eh? damn construction, getting in the way of good eats.

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                Well one can never tell with carpenters, but that's what they told hubby on the weekend. Sometimes materials run short, sometimes the work pace isn't fast enough. Patience. You know he's worth the wait.

        2. re: lilith

          Is this the same Dr. Sushi that's on Avenue Road north of Lawrence? If so, I'd beware. It was the worst sushi I've ever had in my life (the fish smelled and tasted very off; also, they sell Dr. Sushi thong underwear, which is a bonus feature I generally don't look for in a sushi restaurant...)

          Fulloholes, if I were you I'd just call up my favourite sushi place(s) and ask if they'll send one of their chefs to work off-site for a night.

          1. re: torontofoodiegirl

            I don't think so; he doesn't have a restaurant, and he definitely doesn't sell thongs!
            However, I never ordered from him so I can't say if he's good or not.

            Fulloholes, I wrote about him because on his website he said he can have a chef come to your home.

            1. re: lilith

              Just an update on Dr. Sushi (catering).
              I spoke to them and confirmed that they are not related to the restaurant (whatever their name may be now) in any way. They only cater.

            2. re: torontofoodiegirl

              Dr. Sushi changed ownership a long time ago, it used to be good. When the owners changed it turned into a DISASTER... super overpriced salmon. Then it changed ownership again, now it is run by some Koreans and it is no longer called Dr. Sushi. The new restaurant isn't horrible, but I wouldn't recommend anyone go.

          2. Do they need to be real, trained sushi chefs, or are you just looking for a caterer that will make sushi?

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            1. re: tjr

              I'd prefer a trained sushi chef.

              1. re: Fulloholes

                John Lee from OMI is your man. Both super chill and professional. For availability, just try the number listed for the old Omi listing on Church.

                1. re: dlw88

                  Kaji caters, as do Jimbay and Kumai in Mississauga. I don't know if Hashimoto does. John Lee is probably another good choice as well.

                  The only thing is, I'm not sure whether any of the places that cater will send someone to make sushi for you and your guests in person; normally they'd just make platters and whatnot.

                  Most of them will do anything if the price is right, so just go into your favourite establishment and ask, or call some of the better restaurants and see whether the chef will do precisely what you want. It all depends on your budget, I suppose.

              2. Another place you might want to try is Sushi Marche.
                I know they offer sushi classes and one time I was chatting with the lady there and she said they can do special events. Dunno about chef-at-home parties, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

                1. A friend told me Hiro sushi does catering, but I'm not sure about the price..

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                    Before calling, I'd prob do a search on CH about Hiro. Last few posts don't seem very favourable...