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Best Knaffe Locations - Manhattan

For those that do not know Knaffe is a Druse Arabic dish. It comes in a round pizza like dish. It is Cheese on the bottom with a Crispy filo Dough on top. They then sprinkle it with a orange honey glaze. I have not found out any places in manhattan that have it. Anyone know f any?

I heard of a place called Sahara in Brooklyn but have not been able to find it. Any recommendations?

here is a picture of what it looks like. not the best picture but it would do:


These are three Images of Knaffe

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  1. You can find it at Tanoreen, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn...


    ...though do call first; I understand they're moving to another nearby location.

    1. The Turkish version, Kunefe, is delicious at Ali Baba (34th and 2nd).

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        The only problem is that its not with cheese...

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          It absolutely is...Kunefe without cheese is a totally different dessert called kadayif. Ali Baba has kunefe.

      2. I highly recommend seeking your knaffe with cheese (or without) at the amazing Lebanese Bakery in Astoria, Laziza of New York on Steinway. Laziza is a wonderland of sights and smells - and of amazing treats.

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          I found a great place on 48th and 9th ave called
          La Gazala 709 9th Ave | Btwn 48th & 49th St

        2. Old thread, but I ended up here via google...

          It's possible the OP meant Sahadi's (not Sahara), on Atlantic Avenue near Court St. There's also a place right next door to Sahadi's called Damascus Bakery that definitely carries knaffe.

          1. Sahara is a Turkish restaurant (with take-out, too) on Coney Island Ave, between Ave T & Ave U in Brooklyn. Not far from there, on Kings Highway and East 3rd St is Mansoura's, which has very good middle eastern pastries. Mansoura's is closed on the Jewish sabbath.

            1. Bumping this thread for new updates. Laziza is great, but not convenient for me. Any good places to consider in Brooklyn? Damascus is not an option; I've had their cheese knafeh many times and it never tastes fresh.

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                I can give some updates, I forgot about this thread.

                In my opinion if you are in Manhatan the BEST place for Knaffe is La Gazala. They have 2 locations Columbus and 78th and 46th and 9th.

                Great Knaffe and the have traditional and a new twist version. Costs about $10 and takes 25 min to make.

                Another good place is the Turkish Kitchen in Murray hill