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Where is the best turkey burger in LA?

I am hungry! Where is the best turkey burger in Los Angeles? I live in Hollywood, but will travel to the valley, downtown, santa monica, etc. Whatever it takes. Good fries are a bonus. My belly thanks you.

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  1. there is a really good one at Stanley's in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura 2 blocks west of Woodman.

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      Another vote for Lucky Devil's turkey burger. Good stuff.

    2. I really like the turkey burger at Akasha, in Culver City. Spiced up well and with red bell peppers mixed in, very nice. The fries were ok. [Edit: In fact, I love the Tburger at Akasha. :) ]

      Rush Street, culver city: the patty very flavorful, they top it w/ lots of avocado, a good Tburger, but the bun was too dense, hard, made it kind of hard to eat. Good flavors though. Shoestring fries, I personally don't like shoestring.

      The Counter in Santa Monica: Terrible. No flavor, boring, bleh. Stay away.

      Twoheys in Alhambra: a good basic Tburger, fries are good too.

      Lucky Devil's in Hollywood: they mix rosemary in it. It was too much rosemary and just overwhelmed the Tburger. They use a brioche bun, which I think is too soft and wrong texture for any burger. As I recall, fries were very good.

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        Co-sign! I am in LOVE with the turkey burger at Akasha. I usually get the salad instead of fries. The bun is delicious. The red pepper and olives in the patty are so good.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions! Does anyone have an opinion on IRV'S in West Hollywood?

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          In West Hollywood, I recommend O! Burger. I am not from L.A., so can't speak to the other recommendations, but I have to say the sauces, cole slaw, caramelized onions, the roll...all were so incredibly delicious, I keep longing to go back. It so happens that everything, absolutely everything, they serve is organic, and the turkey is free-range. Here's their menu: http://www.oburger.net/menu.html
          I'd love to hear what you think.

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            I LOVE Irv's - but have not had the turkey burger. Only the regular burger and their breakfast buritto's which help get rid of a hangover ;-)

          2. The Missus doesn't generally eat beef, and so I've tried a lot of turkey burgers around town. Pretty much my favorite is the "double diner burger" at the Beverly Hills Diner, ordered with turkey instead of beef and with grilled rather than raw onions. This place used to be a Johnny Rockets, and since they dropped the franchise, the quality of food has actually improved significantly, imho. The turkey burgers are served hot off the grill and are really delicious; better than their regular beef burgers I think. Fries and rings are okay, but not great. They also make a pretty nice tuna sandwich and tuna melt.

            Beverly Hills Diner
            474 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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              Mom's Burger, Compton

              ask for "chronic" turkey:
              and you'll get a peppery turkey burger topped with an egg and bacon. It's a finely constructed burger utilizing a simple Wonder Bread bun and fresh ingredients.

            2. i just had the turkey burger at rush street and it was very tasty.

              1. Fatburger has a surprisingly good turkey burger, well seasoned and still a bit juicy.

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                  I second this - Fatburger does a suprisingly good job.

                  Also like the turkey burger at The Habbit on National & Sepulveda in W. LA.

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                    Third Fatburger. My only complaint is you can't get avocado or honey mustard, which I like on my turkey burgers.

                2. I've always liked the Teriyaki Turkey Burger at Lemon Moon in West LA. It's quite large, but I almost always prefer it to the regular beef cheeseburger they have there.

                  1. I found 25 Degrees' turkey burger to be very good.

                    1. I find 25 Degrees' turkey burger to be very good. Mustard, Gruyere...

                      1. Best burger, Double King Turkey Burger.....

                        Best Burger
                        3533 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018

                        1. My friends, we have a winner. The best is at Malibu Kitchen. it is big and juicy and delicious.

                          1. Hal's in Venice always makes a great turkey burger....I usually get a double patty...Mmmm....

                            1. the kitchen in silver lake has a great turkey burger, though by no means the healthiest. lots of avocado and bacon, which always strikes me as an odd addition to what is generally ordered as a healthier alternative to a regular hamburger. regardless, i am not complaining.

                              1. Just consumed a "California Rosemary Turkey Burger" from Novel Cafe in Santa Monica. Very tasty indeed. Great fries, too. On Ocean Avenue. Near The Counter.

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                                  I'm a big fan of the turkey burger at Gram and Papa's in the Fashion District of Downtown. Moist, flavorful. Comes with caramelized onions, butter lettuce and spicy house sauce -- homemade chips on the side. It's a well-balanced bite. They get their bread from Breadbar. I think it's even better than the pork burger at nearby Wood Spoon.

                                  Gram and Papas is a good spot, only lunch and breakfast so far. I highly recommend it to the local folks, residents and office workers alike. It's not a place for gluttons, but foodies will be pleased.

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                                    what other stuff is on the menu there? p;ray tell.

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                                      They're basically a sandwiches and salads place, although they do a nice little breakfast, too. Good bagels (from Brooklyn Bagels usually) and french toast. Intelligentsia coffee and tea. I live in the neighborhood and order from them for lunch and stop in with the wife for breakfast on Saturdays sometimes.


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                                        Ah, a new (to me at least) and interesting sounding lunch spot, thanks!

                                        Gram and Papas
                                        227 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA

                                2. The turkey burger at Jack Sprat's on the Westside at Pico & Overland is delicious and huge, and the air fries are worth the trip alone.

                                  1. Library Alehouse on Main in SM. it's cooked perfectly, you pick the toppings and the side, and it's huge! plus killer beer selection to make the wait for a table more tolerable.

                                    1. The Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz. I haven't been there in years, but when my husband (then boyfriend) lived in LA, my favorite treat was the rosemary turkey burger at the Mustard Seed. If I lived in LA, I'd eat there every day!

                                      1. i love the turkey burger at the alcove in los feliz...and i'll second the 25 degrees rec as well...

                                        1. fuddruckers really gets the job done. you should try the ostrich also

                                            1. Had an excellent one at Local in Silverlake (on Sunset) the other day. Good spicy fries, too.

                                              1. My vote goes to Hole in the Wall Burger over on the Westside. I get mines on a the pretzel bun with chipotle mayo. And don't forget to order a bag of sweet potato fries.

                                                Hole in the Wall Burger Joint
                                                11058 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA