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Aug 20, 2008 12:22 PM

Where is the best turkey burger in LA?

I am hungry! Where is the best turkey burger in Los Angeles? I live in Hollywood, but will travel to the valley, downtown, santa monica, etc. Whatever it takes. Good fries are a bonus. My belly thanks you.

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  1. there is a really good one at Stanley's in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura 2 blocks west of Woodman.

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      Another vote for Lucky Devil's turkey burger. Good stuff.

    2. I really like the turkey burger at Akasha, in Culver City. Spiced up well and with red bell peppers mixed in, very nice. The fries were ok. [Edit: In fact, I love the Tburger at Akasha. :) ]

      Rush Street, culver city: the patty very flavorful, they top it w/ lots of avocado, a good Tburger, but the bun was too dense, hard, made it kind of hard to eat. Good flavors though. Shoestring fries, I personally don't like shoestring.

      The Counter in Santa Monica: Terrible. No flavor, boring, bleh. Stay away.

      Twoheys in Alhambra: a good basic Tburger, fries are good too.

      Lucky Devil's in Hollywood: they mix rosemary in it. It was too much rosemary and just overwhelmed the Tburger. They use a brioche bun, which I think is too soft and wrong texture for any burger. As I recall, fries were very good.

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        Co-sign! I am in LOVE with the turkey burger at Akasha. I usually get the salad instead of fries. The bun is delicious. The red pepper and olives in the patty are so good.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions! Does anyone have an opinion on IRV'S in West Hollywood?

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          In West Hollywood, I recommend O! Burger. I am not from L.A., so can't speak to the other recommendations, but I have to say the sauces, cole slaw, caramelized onions, the roll...all were so incredibly delicious, I keep longing to go back. It so happens that everything, absolutely everything, they serve is organic, and the turkey is free-range. Here's their menu:
          I'd love to hear what you think.

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            I LOVE Irv's - but have not had the turkey burger. Only the regular burger and their breakfast buritto's which help get rid of a hangover ;-)

          2. The Missus doesn't generally eat beef, and so I've tried a lot of turkey burgers around town. Pretty much my favorite is the "double diner burger" at the Beverly Hills Diner, ordered with turkey instead of beef and with grilled rather than raw onions. This place used to be a Johnny Rockets, and since they dropped the franchise, the quality of food has actually improved significantly, imho. The turkey burgers are served hot off the grill and are really delicious; better than their regular beef burgers I think. Fries and rings are okay, but not great. They also make a pretty nice tuna sandwich and tuna melt.

            Beverly Hills Diner
            474 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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            1. re: David Kahn

              Mom's Burger, Compton

              ask for "chronic" turkey:
              and you'll get a peppery turkey burger topped with an egg and bacon. It's a finely constructed burger utilizing a simple Wonder Bread bun and fresh ingredients.

            2. i just had the turkey burger at rush street and it was very tasty.