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Aug 20, 2008 12:00 PM

some thoughts on Burger Joint etc

After a long evening last night that involved drinks and not dinner.....I was ready for a cheeseburger and fries....just started working near the Bjoint....and felt today was the day to take the plunge and stand in line albeit hung-over and get my yearly confirmation that I have patience. The line was at least 20 min long and it took at least 20 min to get burger....was it worth the wait?

IMHO the burger there is very similar to Prime Burger. It's made the same way- grill to broiler.
The meat has the same flavor....but not charcoaled the way I like it.....for the time it took to wait>order>wait I could have easily walked over to Prime and had the same thing. and maybe the fries are better.

Now the question is when did the burger go up to 7.50 with fries and no drink your meal is 11.00. I remember the Bjoint to have the best deal in town. what happened?

Now where can I get an awesome charcoaled flavored burger now that the Cedar is gone?
I can think of one place and that is smith and W

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  1. I thought it was a total rip off at $6 for a burger and $3 more for fries. At a whooping $11, I would never be caught dead there. My personal opinion is that it is an average burger - albeit it is never dry. I used to go only cause I worked near it but I feel now, it's purely the thrill/hype of saying you went to Burger Joint than actually a good burger.

    Btw, anyone know when Shake Shack on UWS is opening?

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    1. re: kelea

      It's funny, but your "thrill/hype" statement is exactly what I would say about Shake Shack!

      1. re: sea97horse

        Sea97hourse, I agree as well.

        But I do miss In-n-out and some days a girl just needs her burger fix :) so I'm hoping the UWS location will let me do that without the crazy lines

          1. re: namreb

            No, Shake Shack is coming to the UWS.

      2. re: kelea

        I'm in town from L.A. - Where is the Shake Shack?

        1. re: mjalz

          Madison Sq Park--23d St btw Madison & 5th.

      3. Burger Joint IMO is very overrated and their fries are terrible. There is a Five Guys on 55th just off 6th, which I think is better than Bjoint, but not unbelievable. In that area, my pick for burgers and fries is Brooklyn Diner, but that is even more expensive.

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        1. re: offthebeatenpath1

          five guys in very similiar in meat quality....more toppings (free) better value for sure

          1. re: offthebeatenpath1

            I think five guys is pretty bad. Burger Joint is a solid, if unremarkable burger. Five guys is just fast food that pretends that its something else. Its basically wendy's. most of the ingredients are passable but the buns and cheese especially are terrible. i think they're using kraft singles or something.

          2. Wow...I strongly dissent from the hate for Burger Joint. Since I usually get takeout, the appeal to me obviously isn't the hidden setting. In fact, this may be a major reason I DO like the burger so much -- I don't have to experience the hassle. Also, keep in mind that you can call ahead for your order, which will be ready by the time you make your way through the line. That said, I haven't tried most of the alternatives named in the area. I'll have to give them a shot...

            BTW, I love Shake Shack, maybe even more than Burger Joint. But comparing them strikes me as wrong. The former does a tasty fast food burger that can't be cooked to order (i.e., rare, medium, etc.) like the latter.

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            1. re: a_and_w

              Burger joint was okay to me. I prefer shake shack, but I think my favorite place for the actual meat is blt burger.

                1. re: sea97horse

                  ive only recently started going to burger joint...first the restaurant, i absolutely loved my burger. it was like a charred, bigger version of an in n out...sorta.

                  then i brought it back to my office...didnt taste bad but didnt hold up well. ate about 2-3x more times at the joint and i enjoyed it less and less.

                  shake shack in my opinion is by far the best of the bunch for that type of burger.

                  1. re: sam1

                    like burger joint, would not stand in line there so have not been in at least a year. so I should say: liked burger joint. think shake shake is overrated. also like the blt lamb burger, but nothing else. think five guys is not great. think brgr is pretty good.

                    now that you know where I am coming from I'll say this: go to good burger for the charcoal taste. I've been many times to 3 of the locations (incl tonight at union sq, first time) and have almost never been disappointed, which is alot to say for a burger place. good egg creams too, if you really want to feel full of cow products.

            2. I like Burger Joint for the burgers and esp for the milkshake. That said, I'd rather stand in line at Shake Shack.

              1. Burger Joint opened before the latest burger craze hit manhattan, so at the time they were competing with the likes of JG Mellon, PJ Clarkes, Corner Bistro, and Big nicks. I remember working in midtown at the time thinking it was pure genius, and telling everyone the burgers were awesome.

                Since then the burger game has changed, and once Danny Meyer stepped in, well it's almost unfair compare with anyone who came before. Burger Joint does have a place in my heart, just like my first car. But you'll never see me driving around NYC in a 1979 Buick Riviera.