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Aug 20, 2008 11:25 AM

the modern

I'm headed there saturday for my parent's 30th anniversary dinner. Does anyone have any suggestions between ordering a la carte vs. any of the tasting menus?

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  1. The Modern (assuming you mean the Dining Room and not the Bar Room) doesn't do a la carte - it's prix fixe, which gets you 3 courses for $85, or one of the tasting menus. I went back in April for my birthday and had the prix fixe. The prix fixe serving sizes were quite generous and I definitely left stuffed (also, there were two amuse bouche). From the prix fixe, I would highly recommend the squab and foie gras croustillant. It was fantastic. Also had the duck breast, which was not served with the skin, my favorite part, and was slightly over-salted. As for dessert, the chocolate and hazlenut dacquoise was yummy. From the apps, the escargot gateau was quite good.

    Can't help with the tasting menu, since I've never had it.

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      We had a great meal there, I did have the the chocolate and hazlenut dacquoise but I wasn't to happy with it.
      In fact that was the only thing that I didn't care for..

      1. re: Throwing Stones

        Don't forget to order tea from the roving cart of tea leaves, an event in and of itself.

    2. We had a wonderful meal there last year. I posted a report if you want to do a search of this Board. We did not opt for the tasting menus. Their duck breast (carved table side) was the best I have ever had. Enjoy!