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Aug 20, 2008 11:18 AM

Manhattan & Queens Crab - Lobster All U Can Eat special

So I have been set on finding a place in NYC for Lobster all you can eat and crab all you can eat. As of yet I still have not found a place for lobster but I thought I would share some of my findings and opinions of two places I have found thus far ( Churascarias like plataforma just have sushi BTW).

1. Indigo on Wednesdays
2850 31st Street (at 30th Avenue)
Astoria, NY 11102
by phone: 718 728 0050

by fax: 718 728 0057

Opinion: I have come here a few times, they have a great setup for $17-23 ( price has varied
) You get bread, Home Made French Fries, then a choice of a Pasta or salad. Then the Snow crab comes. The crab comes initially in two servings on your plate. Then my one caveat is that you have to wait until you your plate is clean until you get your next one. Considering how much I love crab I wish it were faster but economically it makes sense for the restaurant. They have a large selection of beers to go along with crab so its really a home-run if you like Snow Crab. Only downfall is that for those in brooklyn or manhattan you have to take the train to astoria... But hey it beats flushing which I still can't get to

2. Back Forty's Chesapeake Crab Boil (Tuesdays / wednesdays
)190 Ave B
at 12th St
Price: $35 all you can eat and $15 Pitcher Beers.

Killer deal if you dont want Snow cra. for $35 you get all you can eat Blue Crab. They start taking reservations on Thursdays and I highly recommend calling in as it gets booked quick. They initially had it just for Wednesdays but due to demand it is now Tuesdays/Wednesdays.

the decor is great and I am really into the Newspaper and mallet routine. For those who have not had this type of crab, the mallets are to break the shell unlike Snow Crab and dungness. I recommend not wearing your fancy clothes as you will can get messy. The food is tasty and is a great deal.

Maras Home made ( not all you can eat)
342 East 6th Street - New York, New York 10003 212-598-1110

There specials on Mondays:
50 cent Oysters, Soft Shells, $5 Crabs at Mara's Homemade and
Monday Madness:
Louisiana Oysters on Half Shell $6/dz
Louisiana Blue Crabs $6 each, minimum 3
Louisiana Fresh White Shrimp now in season
Low Country Boil $25:
1 lb Crawfish, 2 Crabs, 1/2 lb Shrimp

the place is definitely a throwback from Louisiana and is worth the stop if you have a craving for some cajun & N'awlins style food . The gumbo is great and has the home cooked taste. For some people expecting something fancy of the place should be warned, as the place is very plain and simple. But it makes up for the lack of bells and whistles with its food.

4. Hidewawy
Blue Crab Mondays at the Hideaway ( also sundays)
185 Duane St (at Greenwich)

They have good crab but the issue is that it is M.P with some other Blue crab specials. Like the ABC venue, you get your paper and mallets. It would be good if they had a set price but sae la vie.

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  1. I think this might be the most amazing post ever! Thanks bombadilio! I can't wait to check one of them out

    1. Great information! One warning about Mara's Homemade: The one night we were there they (husband & wife proprietors) were a little too friendly. They sat down to chat with us while we ate and never left. Do not give them your email address or they will send you emails all the time and you will never get off their list. Kind of like family that won't go away!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. We were at City Crab (I know, I know) in Union Square a couple of Sundays ago and the waiter said they had AYCE whole crab specials, hammers and all. Sure enough, the table behind us had been pounding and picking away the whole time were were there. The "catch" is that you have to be on their e-mail list to be aware of and "qualify" for the specials (including $2 draft Stellas, which bugged me slightly since I had just paid double that for mine). You apparently also get a free meal on your birthday, just like at Burger King ;) .

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          1. re: Andy T.

            Yeah it won't let me edit the post... But in short I forgot about city Crab
            City Crab
            235 Park Ave South
            29.95 Every Sunday until Labor Day Blue Crab Special with Paper and Mallets also has 2$ Stellas.

            If you tell them you get an email and forgot the coupon they should honor it.
            2$ Stellas are good though 8-). Back Forty is better though,.

          2. It's kind of hard to understand what you're talking about with regard to the Hideaway. So the crabs are market price?

            The best all you can eat crabs are in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay), at Clemente's Crab House. $29.95 for all the crabs, in either old bay or oil and garlic, plus corn and fries. The place is huge and you can sit inside or out. They also have a raw bar.

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            1. re: Jessicahh

              Yeah the problem is that Sheepshead Bay is a little bit of a hike. In regards to Hideaway yes the price is Market Price.

              There are other places too I wrote above in Manhattan. I am always down though for crab, lobster etc. Your place in Sheepshead Bay, is about 30 min away from Manahattan right? Does it come with the corn and fries? Or is it Extra? Also what days do they have it?