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Aug 20, 2008 11:10 AM

Non-BBQ restaurants in/near Salisbury NC

My husband and I are heading to Salisbury and surrounds this weekend through tuesday. I've read up on the best BBQ places to hit in Lexington and surrounding areas, but would love some suggestions for lunch and dinner for non-q eats. We'll spend some time in Salisbury and then near Badin/Troy for some hiking/kayaking. We LOVE FOOD; all types and price suggestions would be very welcome! Italian, mexican, etc...
Someone recommended La Cava in Salisbury, so would love to get some feedback.

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  1. La Cava is good, but it is somewhat overpriced. However, there isn't much else like it in Salisbury so it may do you for a good dinner on one of your nights.

    There is also a good Cuban restaurant but the name escapes me right now. I will try to remember the name but maybe someone else can cover me?

    Also, for your Sunday eats you may want to call ahead as a lot of the non-chains are probably closed that day.

    1. There is a new mediterranean restaurant called Stellia on North Main St. that is opened 5 pm -midnight Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 am - 2 pm Thursday - Saturday. There is Miss Lucy's which is near the library. If you go there you can do the George Clooney thing and order what he did when he ate there last year and order the oriential chicken salad and tea. There is a mexican place called Casa Grande off of Jake Alexander next to Hampton Inn. There is cuban eatry next to Food Lion in the shopping center on Faith Rd. near Hwy 52. There is M & K BBQ on Hwy 52 in Grainte Quarry that has good BBQ and southern cooking. Hope you enjoy you trip and please report back on your trip.

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        Sorry, it's

        Sorry, the restaurant is called the Wrenn House now and not Miss Lucy. The Jasmine restaurant in the Holiday Inn has a nice Sunday brunch. The best itallian restaurant is on Jake Alexander next to a Burger King and in front of the YMCA. I don't know the name off hand.

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          Would the italian place on Jake Alexander be Il Colosseo?

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              We're heading out in a bit and will report back when we return.

      2. Not sure if you would lump this under "BBQ," but Keaton's and Reid's are both nearby and offer a unique take on BBQ chicken, discussed here:

        Also, Pho Saigon Bistro in Granite Quarry serves up some pretty good Vietnamese food. I was impressed with their pho tai, spring rolls, fresh coconut drink, and jackfruit shake.