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Do you like "stuff" in your ice cream?

Lets take peach ice cream as an example.

Do you like your peach ice cream with chunks of peaches mixed in?

Or do you prefer your peach ice cream made simply with pureed peaches so that the resulting product is smooth and without anything chewy?

As I see it you can make peach (or any fruit) ice cream in one of three ways:

1. Pureed peaches only.

2. Ice cream base with chunks of peaches mixed in.

3. Ice cream base mixed with pureed peaches PLUS chunks of peaches mixed in.

Personally, if I had to choose, I'm partial to No. 1.

Which do you prefer?

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  1. I'm a "chunks and pureed" kinda gal. And knowing me...I would not sneeze at adding chocolate. That's just how I roll.

    1. YES--lots of chunks please. That said, I mostly like chunks of the chocolate/cookie/nut variety. For a fruit ice cream, I'm just as happy to have #1. A porous fruit like peaches (maybe I'd have a different opinion on, say, cherries) can get water-logged and become frozen ice that doesn't melt at the same rate as the ice cream around it.

      1. Pureed, definitely and only. It may have been the cheap-o ice creams, but biting down on a frozen peach was yucky.

        And no, no stuff -- nuts, globs of bad chocolate, globs of good chocolate, icky cookie dough -- ever.

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        1. re: dolores

          D, I'm totally with you. I hate all that hard crap in my ice cream.

        2. I'm partial to number 3. When I eat something like cookies and cream or peanut butter, I always pick at the crunchy bits first before heading to the cream itself. I think the added texture makes it all that much more interesting.

          1. #3 Chunks and puree!

            Plus I'd probably top my bowl of peachy goodness with sliced peaches.

            1. I like #1 or #2. Not a fan of nuts in my ice cream, except butter pecan. Love chocolate chunks!

              1. For me it depends on who made it. Home made or hand made where the ingredients are rich and yummy...no stuff. Store bought, the more bits and swirls and chunks, the better. Especially the swirls.

                That actually is another option for the peach ice cream. Swirl a ribbon of pureed peach into it just after freezing.

                1. For ice cream, it depends. For peach ice cream, I'd prefer #1. For a cookies and cream ice cream, I'd want #2. I'm trying to think of an instance where I'd prefer #3, but I can't think of anything right now. Perhaps a cookies and cream can also taste good as #3. But for gelato, I like #1. I find gelato to be a lot smoother than ice cream and find that chunks detract from the texture.

                  1. For me, creamy no add-ins. For my family, always add-ins.

                    1. For peach flavor, I put fresh peaches on top of vanilla ice cream. The frozen stuff they include in pre-flavored ice cream is not as peachy. Same goes for most fruits. Some nuts are ok included (pecan,almond,pistachio) but even so, fresh ingredients on top is better.

                      1. 3. Ice cream base mixed with pureed peaches PLUS chunks of peaches mixed in.

                        The only way to go!

                        1. I like a "busy" ice cream, unless it's soft serve. Toss whatever you want in there, but you can keep the peaches.

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                          1. re: Boccone Dolce

                            If it's a fruit ice cream, I do like fruit pieces mixed in. But I am more of a chocolate marshmallow girl, and I like ribbons of marshmallow rather than chunks. You will not find me at a Cold Stone, that's too chunky for me.

                          2. I like smooth and creamy, so #1. The Chocolate Trinity ice cream at Publix is an exception.

                            1. Depends on the flavor. In some cases, I prefer the contrast between 1 flavor of ice cream and chunks of another flavor. In others, I prefer the overload approach. But I'd almost always choose 2 OR 3 over 1.

                              1. Yes I do like stuff in my ice cream! A variance in texture is always welcome with ice cream. Give me nuts, chocolate chips, pieces of cookie dough, brownie chunks, fruit, just about any of that is ok with me!

                                1. Oh yeah. Chunks are good. I have an ice cream stand in my area that has a peanut butter fudge brownie chunk ice cream whick is insanely good. Fruit chunks are hit or miss with me, though. Cherry? No thanks. Strawberry? Yes please!

                                  1. I generally prefer my ice cream smooth. Exception: New York Super Fudge Chunk. I absolutely hate swirls and ribbons. Gah! I suspect this comes from having a freezer for a time that didn't freeze super hard and those ribbons get nasty. But, I hate melted ice cream too. Once it loses that hard texture, I don't want it so that's probably why I don't like the swirls.

                                    1. Fruit bits, yes. Nuts, mostly OK. And candy-type crunchies (as in Butter Brickle or Pralines'n'Cream) are just fine with me. As for cookie bits or cookie dough, gag! Just don't get it. Freezing in a moist medium just ruins whatever goodness they might have had, to my taste.

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                                      1. I like fruit in ice cream, but I'm not crazy about nuts or other things that crunch. Having said that, the truth is I don't think I've ever met a bowl of ice cream that I wouldn't eat.

                                        1. Generally #1. Frozen fruits are like ice cubes so it's a no-no.

                                          I hate nuts in ice cream (hence I hate rocky road), and the only types of ice cream where I don't mind the mix-ins are ones with cookies or candies. At least it's not so jarring. Actually I am currently quite fond of the caramel oreos and vanilla malt whopper ice cream.