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Aug 20, 2008 10:49 AM

Mexican crema + scrambled eggs: excellent!

I bought some Mexican crema the other day at the Hispanic market. I've never tried it before and purchased it on a whim. I added it to some eggs in lieu of milk and scrambled them up. Absolutely some of the best scrambled eggs I have ever made at home, or had in any restaurant. Cooked over very low flame, they turned out creamy and wonderful. I think it's my new favorite egg recipe.
Anyone else given this a try with the same results?

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  1. All the time, mschow, and you're right. these are great eggs. I live in the Phoenix AZ area and we have some wonderful Hispanic markets here. Next time you scramble your crema eggs, add a torn corn tortilla or two to the mix and let it sit for a couple of minutes for the tortilla to soak up the creamy-eggy goodness. This is delicious, as is .......... however, my favorite weekend indulgence adds (cooked) diced potato & crumbled chorizo to the egg mixture, then topped with queso fresco. A dollop of green chile salsa and I am in scrambled egg heaven.

    1. I've used crema in my eggs before, when I realized at the last minute that my milk had gone south. I use crema in place of sour cream constantly. I like the flavor, not so tangy as American sour cream. It's great on nachos compuestos or topping a chalupa/tostada. And it goes really well with fruit...I've topped a dish of fresh blackberries with a little.

      1. Try that with a touch of fish sauce (instead of any salt) and then grate some green peppercorns on it. It's freakishly delicious.

        1. i have used cream cheese in scrambled eggs with similar results. . . it melts in and is invisible but delicious. especially nice cooked in browned butter, with some avocado chunks stirred in at the last minute and cherry tomatoes on top.

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            Yep, small dollops of cream cheese in scrambled eggs is bliss. If you put in chunks that are too large they don't melt in, I've discovered.

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              My favorite is scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives. Sometimes I'll add diced ham to the party.

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                oooh...great...and I've been also fantasizing about scrambled eggs with little dabs of Boursin or Alouette (but theys sell for like $6.00 now!!!) At those prices, I'd rather add some chopped garlic & herbs to the cream cheese and PRETEND that it's Boursin that I'm adding!

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                  I don't want to hijack this thread, but if you meet me over on the HOME COOKING board, I'll post a very easy recipe for Summer Cheese that you can substitute for the "store-boughten" brands. Both sweet and savoury are possible from the same batch and truly simple to accomplish using just milk and some time.

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                    I adore Boursin, but it has gotten terribly expensive, you are right! I haven't tried adding that to my eggs, because I just love it on a simple cracker. I can eat the entire package myself; not something to be proud of, but it is so good!

            2. Yes! In same boat ran out of milk and also no Sour Cream a la Ralph Ciffereto recipe of Sopranos. Excellent taste put on Tostadas with Pico Gallo and more Crema and resulted in a delicious Mexican breakfast!