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Aug 20, 2008 10:31 AM

Southwest Harbor Lunch for Group

In early September, I am hosting a lunch for 13 writers in Southwest Harbor. Where should I take them? By this time, they will have already been to a lobster pound so that won't work. Ideally, I'd like to find a place that showcases Maine's great cuisine and is in an area that allows our guests to walk around the town center a bit before heading back to Bar Harbor.

Any ideas?

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  1. Fiddler's Green is probably the best choice for a sit-down group meal; I think it still serves lunch. Otherwise the dining room at Eat-a-Pita is casual and a bit funky, but the food is quite good. Not sure what it serves beyond salads and sandwiches for lunch, though, you'd need to check. If you're not locked into Southwest, consider Redbird Provisions in Northeast Harbor--that's a real treat. Small menu, but big flavors and fresh fare.

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      Dry Dock, casual, quite and large enough to accomadate a group. And... open all year for us'ens that got to eat after you all leave.

    2. Thanks for the input! I ended up switching things around so we are eating at Beal's and dropping the other lobster pound. Dry Dock would've been a good alternative and I'll have to check out Redbird Provisions another time. We are stuck to Southwest Harbor on this trip.

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        Fiddler's Green hands down best restaurant on the island, I have been to them all multiple times, (Havana, Burning Tree, Bassa, Tan Turtle, XYZ, Red Sky) and in terms of best food Fiddler's has the best food and best quality ingredients, also less expensive then the other places because they cater to local seasonal crowd as well. Can't go wrong with any fish dish, great steak too, but it was really just added on to please everyone who goes to maine and doesnt want fish. Lunch at Fiddler's is very simple compared to dinner menu, but great food none the less.