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Aug 20, 2008 10:20 AM

Fredo's Cheesesteaks New Management

So I went to pick up some Fredo's to go last week. The first thing that I thought was odd was that a women answered the phone. When have you NOT seen Dan there-me never. I ordered 5 sandwiches to go and asked for two with WHIZ. I also asked her to pack the fillings on the side since I wouldn't be eating these right away. (The last time I got sandwiches to go, Dan said they could pack the filling seperately from the bread so that it wouldn't get soggy. It was SO good! I couldn't believe how great they traveled!)

I get there to pick up my order and there's a little sign saying "New Management". I asked the women when they changed and she said, "Sometime last week." She was nice, don't get me wrong, but it was weird not seeing Dan. I asked her if it was the exact same sandwich, she said yup-exactly.

So my order comes and I'm off to Carlsbad to take my brother and his wife what may be one of the best cheesesteaks they've ever eaten. I get to their house and unpack everything. (When I got my to go order the last time the entire filling to a sandwich was packed in a little container, the meat the onions, and mushroom. So I just had to dump the whole thing in the bread.) I unpacked the bag and realized the meat was packed seperately, but so were the mushroom and onions. That was sad, but no big deal- when we warmed up the meat we just threw some onions and mushrooms in with it.

After I asked for two with WHIZ I realized they gave me two with SWISS. Okay, so whatever right. The real test would be in the way it tastes. It was okay. It didn't knock my socks off like it usually does-but I don't know if that's because I was bummed Dan sold his half or because she had already messed up my order. When I ordered the sandwiches to go before my friends and I were eating them 5 hours later-so it wasn't the issue about heating up the meat.

On a side note, when I had gone into Fredo's a few weeks before I was chatting with Dan and he said he was going to sell his half to open up his own place in Eagle Rock. At that point he had a place picked out and was inquiring about it with the realtor. He said he wanted to make a place that would server authentic Chicago style pizza as well as his cheesesteaks.

So was it just me? Or has anyone else had a Fredo's sandwich lately and thought it was "different"?

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  1. You are bumming me out man! I loved that place and Dan!

    1. Great. Another place I've waited too long to go and now it's too late.

      1. I was last there last month. This is a bummer. BUT, look forward to his Eagle Rock place!

        1. Crap. I tried Philly's Best over the weekend and it was nowhere near as good as Fredo's, so I could at least console myself in the fact that Fredo's was still around.

          But Eagle Rock? That's even MORE convenient to me than Pasadena was. I'll look forward to that.

          1. I was there last week and thought the steak itself was bland, verging on tasteless, indicating a lack of salt and frying oil during preparation. It was a strange flavor against the spiciness of the peppers and onions, but the meat texture was good, and the bread and everything else were the same as before. I agree that the woman behind the counter was very nice and helpful.

            Dan is a good guy, if wound a little too tight, and I'll support his next venture. But I'd give Ms. "New Management" at Fredo's constructive feedback and a chance to get things running right -- she's starting from a good base built from scratch by a hardworkng small businessman. Many of us would agree that this town needs every decent cheesesteak it can get!