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Fredo's Cheesesteaks New Management

So I went to pick up some Fredo's to go last week. The first thing that I thought was odd was that a women answered the phone. When have you NOT seen Dan there-me never. I ordered 5 sandwiches to go and asked for two with WHIZ. I also asked her to pack the fillings on the side since I wouldn't be eating these right away. (The last time I got sandwiches to go, Dan said they could pack the filling seperately from the bread so that it wouldn't get soggy. It was SO good! I couldn't believe how great they traveled!)

I get there to pick up my order and there's a little sign saying "New Management". I asked the women when they changed and she said, "Sometime last week." She was nice, don't get me wrong, but it was weird not seeing Dan. I asked her if it was the exact same sandwich, she said yup-exactly.

So my order comes and I'm off to Carlsbad to take my brother and his wife what may be one of the best cheesesteaks they've ever eaten. I get to their house and unpack everything. (When I got my to go order the last time the entire filling to a sandwich was packed in a little container, the meat the onions, and mushroom. So I just had to dump the whole thing in the bread.) I unpacked the bag and realized the meat was packed seperately, but so were the mushroom and onions. That was sad, but no big deal- when we warmed up the meat we just threw some onions and mushrooms in with it.

After I asked for two with WHIZ I realized they gave me two with SWISS. Okay, so whatever right. The real test would be in the way it tastes. It was okay. It didn't knock my socks off like it usually does-but I don't know if that's because I was bummed Dan sold his half or because she had already messed up my order. When I ordered the sandwiches to go before my friends and I were eating them 5 hours later-so it wasn't the issue about heating up the meat.

On a side note, when I had gone into Fredo's a few weeks before I was chatting with Dan and he said he was going to sell his half to open up his own place in Eagle Rock. At that point he had a place picked out and was inquiring about it with the realtor. He said he wanted to make a place that would server authentic Chicago style pizza as well as his cheesesteaks.

So was it just me? Or has anyone else had a Fredo's sandwich lately and thought it was "different"?

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  1. You are bumming me out man! I loved that place and Dan!

    1. Great. Another place I've waited too long to go and now it's too late.

      1. I was last there last month. This is a bummer. BUT, look forward to his Eagle Rock place!

        1. Crap. I tried Philly's Best over the weekend and it was nowhere near as good as Fredo's, so I could at least console myself in the fact that Fredo's was still around.

          But Eagle Rock? That's even MORE convenient to me than Pasadena was. I'll look forward to that.

          1. I was there last week and thought the steak itself was bland, verging on tasteless, indicating a lack of salt and frying oil during preparation. It was a strange flavor against the spiciness of the peppers and onions, but the meat texture was good, and the bread and everything else were the same as before. I agree that the woman behind the counter was very nice and helpful.

            Dan is a good guy, if wound a little too tight, and I'll support his next venture. But I'd give Ms. "New Management" at Fredo's constructive feedback and a chance to get things running right -- she's starting from a good base built from scratch by a hardworkng small businessman. Many of us would agree that this town needs every decent cheesesteak it can get!

            1. Ugh - I was hoping to get in one last visit before the change. Heard that Dan was thinking about a catering truck, in addition to looking at Eagle Rock - hope he shows-up again soon!

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              1. You probably just had a real unlucky bummer night. Dan is still there, and he said he's closing down Fredo's Phillys sometime next month (he told me within 30 days when I went there last week) because the place he's leasing from is such a pain. It's a shame, because the cheesesteak was awesome just like the first time I had it. He says he's gonna open up a catering truck for the Occidental students. Sucks for us in Pasadena.

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                  If Dan is still there why the sign that says "New Management"? Wonder why he told the original poster he was going to sell his half and he told you he was going to shut it down? Inquiring minds want to know.

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                    I do remember seeing the sign, and that was what Dan said to me himself. He was there as of Aug. 8th. I remember him mentioning even last year that the location he was in was difficult to work with and that he could do much better. If he told the OP he was going to sell his half, I'd assume that's about as good as the place shutting down unless the other owner picks up the slack and whatever shortcomings the location has. I didn't pry into specifics, just wished him best of luck.

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                      I think we all wish him the best of luck and hop he opens up soon, closest to me, ofxourse!

                2. I heard a few different things from Dan over the last few months. At one point he said he wanted to buy the printing place next door to expand-but when they finally left he said he was going to use the money to buy out his partner instead.

                  Then the last time I saw him he said he was thinking of selling his half instead to open up the place in Eagle Rock.

                  So I just assumed that he was gone when I went and saw the sign and no Dan.

                  I could've lived with no Dan (It would've sucked) -and a sandwich maybe not as good-but no Fredo's at all?!
                  Not cool.

                  On a side note. While I was waiting for my order this guy came to check on his order and the women offered him some chips for the wait. Reminds me of the time I asked Dan what a Tastycake tasted like and he told me to grab one and try it. He was always doing stuff like that. He was starting to work on putting wings on the menu and he brought some out and asked us to try some. Super cool guy.

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                    Any new news on Fredo's and Dan??? C'mon I'm dying here. The next time I'm going to see family in Philly is another 4 months to get my fix (Pat's not Geno's. Geno's is skimpy on the meat, plus Pat is 300% better.)

                    Let us know

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                      Count me in as one who's lying in wait for Dan's new spot... Dan, if you're paying attention, give us a sign!

                  2. Can you update us when Dan's in Eagle Rock will be open? God I hope so.


                    1. I never ate at fredo's while "dan" was there, but after all of the "fredo's" chat-- (and the fact that I live in pasadena)-- I thought I had to try one of their cheesesteak sandwiches.

                      Boy am I glad I did !! This was the most delicious cheesesteak sandwich I've ever had in my life !! I don't know how these gooey delights could have been much better when "dan" was around-- but I felt like I had died and gone to cheesesteak heaven !! I ordered "the works" which incledes the steak with white american cheese, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. I also asked for a side of cheese whiz, for authenticity. The size of the sandwiich was impressive-- no skimping here. the bun had nice texture on the outside with just the right amount of chewiness on the inside. The steak was perfectly seasoned and was quite plentiful-- even falling out of the sandwich. The green peppers, onions and mushrooms were perfectly caramelized and the white american cheese (when combined with the steak juices) formed this wonderful white "sauce" which made the sandwich extra scrumptious !! I can't tell you how happy I was with this sandwich. A tiny bit of cheesesteak paradise in pasadena. I may even dream about this tonight !!

                      1. We're going on 6 months with Dan MIA!

                        I'm sad to report that I have NO news. I wish I did, I really do-I just kind of miss that great costumer service Dan gave. Not that we went there all the time, maybe a few times a month, but everytime we went he was so cool and totaly remembered us (or at least he made us feel like he did).

                        I'm keeping my eyes and ears open and as soon as I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you all know. I'm a little worried because he told some other people he was going to have a catering truck and told me about a restaurant. Well, the good thing is Dan knows how much we love him on chowhound because he said a bunch of people go in telling him they heard about Fredo's from the site. So I'm sure (and hoping) he'll pop in on the site to let us know where he's relocated to.