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Aug 20, 2008 10:14 AM

I want to buy organic eggs and meat from a farmer

I'm in Monmouth County and I'm willing to drive an hour in almost any direction (of course, east would drench me and ruin my car - but I digress). I want to find a farm which sells organically raised chickens and their eggs; a farm that may sell its' own meats; maybe even a cheese or two (I already know about Bobolink Farms). I know calling it The Garden State is a sad reminder of days passed, but surely such a place as described above exists.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Cherry Grove farms in Lawrenceville on rt 206. They sell beef, pork, eggs and cheese. On the other side of 206 they have vegetables also

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    1. re: avidcook

      "Organic" means different things to different people. My understanding is that Cherry Grove vends grass-fed, pastured meat, but whether that qualifies as organic I do not know. Likewise their eggs are from free-range chickens but may or not be organic.

    2. simply grazin farms outside of princeton, don't know if they have eggs.....cherry grove is another good option. griggstown, also near princeton has eggs, don't know about meat tho...

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        Griggstown Farmers Market has great poultry & eggs. Although not certified organic, I think they're free range.

      2. Hauser Hill Farm in Old Bridge. (732) 591-1966
        They are not certified organic, but this is a 4th generation family farm. Small operation. The eggs are wonderful. You can go and see the birds in the yard.
        Their produce is good, too.
        You can buy their eggs at the Red Bank Farmers Market (go early), but the eggs are already refrigerated. I think refrigeration diminishes the flavor a bit.

        1. Apparently, there's a website listing organic farms in NJ (both certified & non-certified)...

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