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Aug 20, 2008 10:09 AM

Tonic Water

Yesterday after Imbibe magazine gave Stirrings Tonic 4 stars I broke down and paid $7.99 for 4 little bottles. Ugh! Neither my DH nor I cared for it. They say champange like bubbles and lemony. If found it flat and nasty. Has anyone an opinion on Q tonic? I had Fever Tree in London and found it quite fine. Comments?

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  1. Being a cheap grad student, I haven't tried any of the brands you mentioned, but Whole Foods 365 tonic water is very good, in my opinion. They make it with sugar instead of corn syrup, and it doesn't have the same nasty bitterness that certain other cheap brands have (don't get me wrong, some bitterness is essential, but too much is no good). Combine that with some Plymouth gin (and lime) and you have one great drink.

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      i'll second that, the 365 (whole foods) tonic is perhaps not outstandingly good, but is a very solid product and a good step up in taste from the corn syrup varieties, without the big step up in price. if you haven't tried it yet, check it out.

      i'm curious about the fever tree, and q - haven't tried the stirrings tonic, but don't like much of their other stuff. that said, it's hard to imagine stomaching $2.50 bottles of tonic on a regular basis.

    2. Stirrings is actually one of my favorites. Did you find that all the bottles were flat and nasty? Maybe you just tried a bad bottle.

      Also, there was some discussion of the best tonic for a Gin/Vodka Tonic in a previous thread. You might check it out.

      As for Q, I haven't tried it yet, but would like to. I just need to get myself in gear and order some.

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      1. re: ShadowedOne

        yes, all bottles were flat and sour, not bitter, I mis-wrote. I found it screwed up perfectly good gin in a bad way

        1. re: Candy

          Wow, that's a lot for tonic water! If it was flat, I'd take it back with the receipt and get a refund. It's supposed to be fizzy.

          I drink Schweppes or Canada Dry, but tonic has a lot of sugar and sodium. I was once told that you can get more dehydrated on a gin and tonic than just a gin and soda, because of the ingredients in tonic water.

      2. I've tried all three and prefer Fever Tree.

        Stirrings is too sweet. Q is pretty good but not great. And at $2.50 a bottle when I ordered from Kegworks, it was horrendously overpriced. I do like Fever Tree more than Q but I still wouldn't call it "excellent".

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          Is there a commercial tonic you would consider excellent? Or are you still in search of one that meets that criteria?

          ETA: Is there a tonic (commercial or home made) that you do consider excellent and what are the properties you look for?

          1. re: ShadowedOne

            Nothing I've had would I consider excellent. I haven't had the Whole Foods version and Schweppes and Canada Dry are what they are. Fever Tree is very good and more than satisfactory for me.

            I don't drink gin and tonics that much anymore so I'm really not on the lookout for new tonic. And I can't really think of any other brands commercially available besides those six anyways.

          2. re: ultramagnetic

            The Whole Foods 365 is the only one I think is readily available in ATL. I've had the Q, but I had to buy it out of town and it was still wacky expensive. Will be on the lookout for the Fever Tree.

            1. re: ted

              I got lucky at TJ Maxx/Homestore on the north side of Indianapolis. They had just gotten a shipment of Fever Tree tonic and ginger ale. I bought all the tonic. It was $3.99 a 4 pack. It is a bit more bitter than Schweppes which is quite pleasant. I have not been able to find any "Q" yet, but I am still looking. Fever Tree was as delicious as I remembered and uses cane sugar. "Q" uses agave sweetening. It will be interesting to compare.

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