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Lock & Lock Storage Containers in Toronto


Wondering if anybody knows of a retailer that sells Lock&Lock in Toronto? The U.S. manufacturer won't ship to Canada :(

Comparable recommendations for storage containers welcome too! NOT Rubbermaid!


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  1. I've picked up some at Pat Central (Manning and Bloor) from time to time. I don't know whether they regularly stock them. I've found them at the ends of the cashier lines, as you are leaving the store.

    1. I saw some similar containers at Costco, though I think they may have been glass vs. plastic. I think that you can also order Lock & Lock through the QVC website and they'll likely ship to Canada.

      1. I'm pretty sure I've seen these at the T&T in Mississauga. Maybe their other locations carry them as well?

        1. They have the Starfrit equivalent at the Kitchen Plus on Yonge around Gloucester, just bought some a few days ago. I like the little ones for my salad dressing in my packed lunch.

            1. I got a little clone of these Lock&Locks (possibly the same one as childofthestorm, as I also use it for salad dressing transport) at Home Hardware.

              1. I just googled it and the first link returned is the Shopping Channel (I mean Roger's shopping channel, not QVC). They seem to have a good variety of different sets.

                1. I saw them at the Binz store on Queen street E in the Beach and I also saw them at the T&T on Cherry Street.

                  1. I saw them at Binz on Queen St east and also at T&T on Cherry Street

                    1. I've seen them at Kitchen Stuff Plus and also at Caynes in Thornhill. I got mine at the Galleria (korean supermarket) at Yonge & Steeles.

                      1. Cayne's sells the Starfrit version too, they're located in Markham (112 Doncaster - Yonge & Steeles). Alternatively, you can buy them online on their website.

                        1. I'm a complete Lock & Lock fan. I've probably got about 20 to 30 of them sitting in my cupboard. If you do buy some, skip the very small, short, round containers. I've found the locking mechanism on them to be not as sturdy. And I'd really recommend the rectangular Lock & Lock with the handle. It's a great carrying container for baked goods. You can find some at:

                          -Sears - carries a pretty wide assortment (including a handle container)

                          -Zellers - has the basic square and rectangular ones and now they have the milk container ones

                          -Pat (Korean Supermarket)

                          -Caynes - they have a few available. The cereal one in particular is great

                          -T&T - have a few but tend to be priced more compared to other stores

                          -Kitchen Stuff Plus - their current selection is not as extensive as it used to be

                          -Home Hardware - I've seen some at home hardware

                          -Walmart - some Walmarts do carry the Lock & Locks

                          -The Shopping Channel - TSC has some sets but I find the small sizes to be pretty useless. I opted just to shop around and buy the sizes I needed

                          1. I bought mine from Costco.

                            1. When in doubt the Bay or Sears, both carry them.