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Aug 20, 2008 09:28 AM

Cooter Brown's

I'm new to the area and I am still reeling at the exorbitant prices for restaurant food around here. I'm not talking about fancy places in the quarter, either. How about just a sandwich? I went to Cooter Brown's to get a sandwich and was shocked to find they are typically over $8. Worse: that doesn't include fries or any kind of side. If you got fries too you'd be paying more like $12. I got a sandwich anyway because I was hungry and didn't have many options: the 'streetcar', a grilled chicken sandwich with mushrooms, peppers, and cheese. It was a good size, but almost completely flavorless. Those grill cooks need to get acquainted with salt and pepper.

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  1. That's pretty typical pricing for lunch. The bargain in NOLA dining is in our better restaurants. The price points are much lower than in fine dining restos. in other major citities.

    1. I've been roundly dissapointed with Cooter's myself, sadly. They seem to have quadrupled the menu since the last time I was there (years ago) but lost alot of the flavor. Better to try Liuzza's by the Track in MidCity, or Coops in the Quarter, neither super-cheap, but better value for the money. There's a new poyboy shop on Magazine that everyone's raving about, close to Louisiana Ave. but the name escapes. For the cheapest sandwich (for the size) around, best to try the "corner groceries," If your Uptown, Addams St. Grocery. is very generous and very tasty...Otherwise, go for Felipes or Slice or Mona's. I too wish we had more affordable lunch spots; Unfortunately New Orleans is not strong on this suite.

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          Mahoney's is good, but it's no cheaper than Cooter's. OP better not go to Stein's. They're high even by nola sandwich standards. 11 bucks for a Reuben on regular sandwich sized rye bread - no chips or drink included. Their Reuben is very good though. All in all, Nola aint a cheap place to live - especially post-k.

      1. head west on River Road to RiverShack! great lunch specials, burgers, salads, sandwiches, po boys, and sweet fries. and the buffalo oysters are killer!

        1. Larry BareAss Titsky still over there? Vince? Gretchen?

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            Larry still ovns it. Vince is still at his post at the Oyster bar. As for Gretchen, go in and ask Larry or Vince. I won't tell that story here.


          2. eh, depends where you go. if i hit my neighborhood seafood & poboy shop, Hank's, i can find great deals -- i usually settle for a 12" hot sausauge poboy for $4.99. if i go to the one near my workplace, a shrimp poboy that size is only $5.99.

            have not eaten at cooter browns, but id guess its the clientele that set its prices.