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Aug 20, 2008 09:21 AM

Rate of Chicken Growth

I just heard some news that has disturbed me greatly and I'm hoping to get some clarification.

I was told that the amount of time that it takes to "grow" a chicken from egg to store shelf is 1 week due to hormone injections, etc. This info was gathered from a licensed nutritionist.

I'm curious - what is a normal growth rate for a chicken and is 1 week really possible?

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    1. I've seen docs on cable that claim, 4-6 wks from shell to shelf.

      1. As others have pointed out below and in the other thread this is bogus. But I also wanted to add that it is illegal in the US to use hormones in chicken production. You will see labels on chicken in grocery stores proudly proclaiming "No Hormones Used*". Follow that asterisk and you will find the small print which tells you they aren't allowed to use hormones in the first place so labeling a chicken with "No Hormones Used" isn't telling you anything meaningful about their chicken relative to all the others in the case.

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          whew...i can breathe and/or chew easier now! It seemed natural that chickens would be beefed up by hormones, thankfully that is not the case!

          I've verified on the following government website:

          So - what's for dinner tonight?!?