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Aug 20, 2008 09:20 AM

Rutland, VT area - Rec Updates?

Ok, I know Rutland isn't a great place for foodies. :) I've just done a pretty broad search here on the boards, and most of what I'm turning up is pretty old, or really negative.

My husband and I are going to Rutland Sept. 12th to see the absolutely stellar Shakespeare and Co. performing their latest Hamlet at the theatre there (go, go, go, this theatre company is BRILLIANT and not to be missed), so we'll be having dinner before the show (which starts at 7, I like my butt in the seat by no less than fifteen minutes before curtain, I used to be a professional stage manager. ;D ). We'll be driving down from the Montpelier area, and leaving work early. Because we have to leave work early, it'll be too early to have dinner in Montpelier. So I am considering some alternatives (including just packing a picnic and eating at the park), but I thought it looked like about time to have a more recent and helpful thread about the vicinity. :)

Please include not just Rutland but places in the surrounding area that might be good/on the way into Rutland, or such. Please give recommendations for places that are reasonably priced as well as fancy, even those that are adequate. As in "It was reasonably priced for what I got, the server didn't dump the food in my lap, the time to get my food fit my schedule, and it didn't taste bad." :)

When we go into Rutland, it's usually going -through- Rutland, and it usually means a stop at Wendy's (because there is no Wendy's in the Montpelier area and we -like- Wendy's, so sue me ;). This time I'd like to do a sit down dinner, but nothing that's going to break the bank (in about two weeks after this, we'll be going to Montreal for our anniversary, so there will be plenty of money spent up that way).

I think I've rambled enough. I'll let y'all take the floor now. :)

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  1. Hi Morganna!

    I presume you'll be driving down Route 100? Because, may I suggest, although not sure about how much time you'll have after work and before the show, but Cafe Provence in Brandon has had exceptional reviews. It is maybe 30 minutes from Rutland? I have yet to eat there, but want to. They are on the main drag--Rt. 7. Not sure on prices, but they have a website, I would think.

    I ate at Sal's I believe, when I went down for a wake a few years back. It was good, solid Italian, couldn't go wrong. Not sure if you want to smell like garlic during a performance, though! And there is always Sirloin Saloon, whether that has closed like the one in Shelburne, I don't know.

    The Seven Days Dining Guide covers the entire state now, so they too may have some recommendations.

    Have a wonderful evening!

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      We drive down 89 to exit 3, and go through Bethel. I don't think that's route 100, is it? I don't know the routes really well. :)

      I'll poke around Seven days, too, though this isn't just for me, but for anyone coming into the area. I just noticed that the threads about Rutland were mostly oldish.