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Well one of my ChowLads is on a French Toast kick but it's summer vacation and he sleeps late so where can I take him for his current fav? He likes J....'s Bake and Broil and Cisco's and we will try Pann's and maybe DuPar's (has the new owner changed the French Toast?). Will try any area covered by this board Santa Clarita, SFV, SGV, L.A. to OC or IE. Thanks!

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  1. I dig the French Toast at Broadway Deli on the Promenade in Santa Monica. I think they serve all day

    1. Two spots leap immediately to mind: Brent's Deli in Northridge and Beach 26 in Marina Del Rey.

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        Brents is in Thousand Oaks as well.

      2. Jinky's in Sherman Oaks has some French toast options. I don't eat it unless I make it myself, but the plates I've seen look good and they do a respectable job with pancakes so they probably do ok with French toast too.

        1. 26 Beach 3100 Washington Blvd serves their French Toast til 3pm everyday

          1. The Griddle serves till mid afternoon, I think. Awesome sounding french toast options. Great pancakes and omelettes and stuff, too.

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              The Griddle French toast absolutely rules the world. It's just how I like it. Eggy!!!! The guys who wait tables there say they're over eating everything there -- except the FT. Also, my wife recently had the FT at Comme Ca and said it rocked and I think they serve it relatively late, if not all day.

            2. Auntie Ems in Eagle Rock - on the weekends they serve breakfast until around 3. it's super crunchy, served w/ various fruits, compotes, or whatever's in season. YUM!

              1. I wasn't a fan of DuPar's french toast, it didn't really do anything for me. I like the standard french toast (not a fan of the stuffed french toasts with whipped cream, fruit, etc). Unfortunately my favorite french toast is found at the Portland Airport in one of their sit down restaurants so I'm not of any help. But skip DuPars!

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                  I always got Pancakes at the old DuPars, grandma took me when I was a wee ChowLad to the long gone one on Wilshire Blvd. (Miracle Mile) and parents took me to the Farmer's Mkt. location. I never liked anything except the Pancakes with too much real dairy butter and Boysenberry Syrup. I haven't been since the sale to the Naylor's and have read mixed reviews about the Pancakes which they promised to not mess with. Guess I'll have to check it out one of these days. I don't remember if I ever had the French Toast but I seem to remember that it did look good.
                  I do travel a lot for chow but Portland is not going to happen any time soon, even for a fav French Toast!

                2. I recently had the French toast at Square One; it was absolutely delish!

                  SQUARE ONE
                  4854 Fountain Ave
                  Los Angeles, CA 90029
                  (323) 661-1109
                  E of Edgemont; W of Vermont

                  1. Chez Melange in Redondo Beach has incredible creme brulee french toast on their weekend brunch menu...it is delicious! I'm not sure how late brunch goes, but you can call and ask.

                    1. Bob's Big Boy does a deep fried french toast 24/7... Hmmm, looks like they changed the menu and it's a cinnamon french toast now.

                      4211 W Riverside Dr
                      Burbank, CA 91505
                      (818) 843-9334

                      1. Cafe Verona has great French toast (2 kinds, actually) and serves it till 6 p.m. every day. It's at 2nd St. & La Brea.

                        1. At the Gaffy Street Diner in San Pedro thay sometimes have a special French Toast on the Board. Maybe they offer something close to the special all the time? Anyway, it might be worth a call because my 2-yr old grandson was correct when he said, "Birthday Cake" when the plate came to the table. A mountain of French Toast covered with fresh berries. It was a big meal and done so well just lke all the other breakfast items served all day.

                          1. Yes, the new owners have changed the French Toast (as well as the pancakes), and not for the better in either case.

                            The pancakes no longer have the same texture, although the flavor is pretty spot on (but the texture is what made them unique). I must admit that on my most recent visit to the Studio City location, it was a lot closer to the way it used to be, but not quite. My one visit to the Farmers' Market location was better than Studio City had been, but still not quite the same.

                            The difference in the French Toast is far more obvious. Under the old ownership, they used to remove the crust from the bread. This allowed it to absorb more batter, resulting in a more custardy end product. The new owners, either in an effort to save money or simply because they don't know any better, no longer remove the crust. The result is a drier, more bread-like French Toast.

                            It's really infuriating how they have intentionally worsened their products, presumably as a means of cutting costs. They still seem to pack them in at both locations, so I suppose they know what they're doing. But Du-Par's used to be a place I'd drive clear across town to visit; now, I go only if it's convenient (it usually isn't), and then only if I'm feeling optimistic.

                            1. coco's makes a cinnamon swirl french toast that is delicious.

                              1. As I was having my loco moco today at Bruddah's I saw a nice plate of island style french toast go past my table. Large thick slices of Hawaiian sweet bread toast golden brown with a big scoop of butter. My loco moco was great. The two burger paties were very good and would make a great burger.

                                Bruddah's Hawaiian Foods
                                1033 W. Gardena Blvd
                                Gardena, CA 90247- 4957
                                (310) 323-9112

                                1. Finally had the Comme Ca French Toast, the full (shortish) review with pics: http://www.eatdrinkordie.com/blog/pos...

                                  Have been hearing about the French Toast at Comme Ca for a couple of weeks now. One of my best friends is getting divorced and after a major court date she and a bunch of girlfriends went to Comme Ca and they all came out raving about the French toast.

                                  I immediately went into competition mode: really? Is it better than the Griddle? What's the Griddle?, they asked. Please! Only like the most genius French Toast in the universe. Sweet and eggy! Eggy is the key to genius French Toast in my book. Like it's been soaked in egg for so long that when you cut into it, it ooooozes egg.

                                  I've gotten a lot of French Toast recs over the years and been frequently disappointed. I really don't care if someone makes it with sweet cinnamon bread, or Challah, or whatever. They usually still make it too dry for my taste.

                                  But I love Comme Ca, so I do have high hopes. Walk in at 9 AM Sunday with wife and daughter. They open at 8 but at 9 it's still empty. We're the first people here (The Griddle already has a wait of at least 30 minutes at 9 AM on a Sunday). I'm reminded how much I adore the space. Have I never noticed the magazine rack? The magazines are current too.

                                  The coffee is from Intelligentsia and is annoyingly "green". Some of Intelligentsia's blends are awesome, some taste too much like bell pepper.

                                  We order some bacon and eggs so that my 2 year old has a little bit of protein. The eggs are incredibly fluffy and creamy and while you can tell they've achieved something wonderful with them, I'm not a huge fan. The bacon is good but it does not capture my bacon imagination. The potatoes that come with are perfect. Crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside. But it's all about the French Toast --

                                  Which is indeed killer. Eggy, but less in an oozy way and more in a custardy way. I think they even refer to this dish as creme brulee French Toast. So when you cut into it, it holds its shape but reveals more egg custard than bread. Superb. And a great crunch on the outside. My first reaction is, it's my new best in LA.

                                  But after I calm down, I'm not so sure. It's great, but better than The Griddle? More craveable??? I guess we'll just have to see what I crave.