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Aug 20, 2008 08:49 AM


Well one of my ChowLads is on a French Toast kick but it's summer vacation and he sleeps late so where can I take him for his current fav? He likes J....'s Bake and Broil and Cisco's and we will try Pann's and maybe DuPar's (has the new owner changed the French Toast?). Will try any area covered by this board Santa Clarita, SFV, SGV, L.A. to OC or IE. Thanks!

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  1. I dig the French Toast at Broadway Deli on the Promenade in Santa Monica. I think they serve all day

    1. Two spots leap immediately to mind: Brent's Deli in Northridge and Beach 26 in Marina Del Rey.

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        Brents is in Thousand Oaks as well.

      2. Jinky's in Sherman Oaks has some French toast options. I don't eat it unless I make it myself, but the plates I've seen look good and they do a respectable job with pancakes so they probably do ok with French toast too.

        1. 26 Beach 3100 Washington Blvd serves their French Toast til 3pm everyday

          1. The Griddle serves till mid afternoon, I think. Awesome sounding french toast options. Great pancakes and omelettes and stuff, too.

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              The Griddle French toast absolutely rules the world. It's just how I like it. Eggy!!!! The guys who wait tables there say they're over eating everything there -- except the FT. Also, my wife recently had the FT at Comme Ca and said it rocked and I think they serve it relatively late, if not all day.