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Aug 20, 2008 08:45 AM

Any recs for San Juan Island?

We are spending our honeymoon tromping around the Pacific Northwest. Today we leave Orcas Island for San Juan Island. We'll be staying at Roche Harbor. Any food recs? I've been here before but would love any loved places from folks on this board. I've eaten at the two restaurants at Roche - good stuff. But can't quite think of anywhere else to try except for what the guidebooks mention.

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  1. Duck Soup. Just left, and it is a favorite of locals.

    1. I second the recommendation for Duck Soup. (For dinner.) For lunch, the fish tacos at the Outrigger are exceptional.

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        We went to Duck Soup last night - absolutely wonderful! I had Steak Diane and my new husband had delicious salmon. Washed away all the disappointment I had from Christina's on Orcas.

      2. Had a great meal at Steps Wine Bar in Friday Harbor during the off-season (long enough ago that I can't remember the details, sadly.) Local ingredients, good list of glass wines, excellent service, small enough to watch the chef at work.