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Aug 20, 2008 08:44 AM

Dog friendly eateries!

After posting a rec about Sullivan's at castle island I realized that there are very few other places I know of that allow you to bring a furry friend. I am always looking for new spots that allow me to combine my favorite things- food and my ENTIRE family. I have heard that the South End Buttery is dog friendly but have never tried. Just as an FYI, we have a Saint Bernard so this puts any place to the real test. Unfortunately a patio that is only ok with small dogs doesn't help (me at least!) nor would I want to support a place that participates in canine discrimination! ; )

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  1. I think that Dish in the South End might be dog-friendly (they have an outdoor dining area along the sidewalk), but you may want to call to make sure. Just make sure the Andelmans aren't sitting next to you, as at least two of them have a real problem with dogs nuzzling up to them at restaurants! ;-b

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      No need to call; The Dish is DEFINITELY dog friendly, I have eaten there many times with my pup, and there are always a few other dogs there as well.

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        Hmmm.......They didn't seem to be objecting too much the night I saw the pair of 'em near, closing time, at Silvertone's.


      2. This has been a topic that has been covered before so you might want to do a search. I'm pretty sure I posted this question a summer or two ago, as I, like you, enjoy bringing my furry pal along with me...
        Pretty much any place in the south end that has a patio will be dog friendly --some that immediately come to mind include: The Dish, Tremont 647, Picco, Pops, Toro, Stella, Flour, and yes, South End Buttery..tho I tend to think of that more as a place where you can grab a coffee and pastry.
        There are a few places that have patios but I wouldn't necessarily have the nerve to bring the pup along --B&G for instance, as their patio is sort of sunken below their restaurant and not a part of the "sidewalk" so my guess is they wouldn't allow it. Hamersly's is another spot, just a bit too upscale for me to chance it, though my guess is they might be ok with it.
        Good luck!

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          I appreciate the recap! After a few pages of "hot dog", "corn dog" and even "dog sled" results, I wasn't sure how far back I was going to need to search. When I was at JP Licks on Newbury earlier this summer I was told by a girl there that depending on who is working there can be dogs in there. It's odd because there was a doggy ice cream treat on the menu but they were all out and she made it seem like they hadn't had it for awhile.

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            B&G does in fact allow dogs-- even those on the bigger (45+ lbs) side--, at least on a summer day last year, and brought out a water dish for the pup.

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              Really?! Wow. That's good to know. I probably would have never asked.

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                Agreed, nor would I have! One DC was planning on being stationed up on the sidewalk with the pooch for the duration of the meal, with a quick swap once their food got there. The waitress noticed this, encouraged us to bring the dog down to the patio, and then brought over a doggie bowl of water. Really sweet.

                I had the same "hot dogs" issue when I searched for a thread on this last year. I think most of these have now been covered, but just in case:

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                  Thanks for all the ideas on this one. I am really excited to work my way through the South End. A lot of these were places I wanted to try anyway and having my slobber machine will make for a more interesting time!

          2. In JP, James' Gate (South Street, Jamaica Plain) allows your dog outside the patio area (but not on the patio). Geoffrey's (Washington Street in Roslindale allows dogs (all sizes) on the patio.

            1. When living in JP about 3 years ago they were always friendly when we brought our german shepherd/lab mix into the patio area. We'd tie him up on an available table usually away from others if possible to be kind, go inside and get the ice cream (and one for the pooch), and them come out and eat it on the patio. There were usually a few other pups outside too.

              1. I agree about the Dish. We brought our Malamute one time and it was no prob. Unfortunately, he was the only one who enjoyed the food!
                Had I known the Andelmans ate there, I never would have gone. A recommendation from them automatically crosses a place off my list!

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                  The Dish is actually pretty good for a local neighborhood spot. Not necessarily a destination restaurant --i.e. if you are traveling to the south end to try a new place --but consistently solid food. Good pizzas, especially.

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                    Actually, I wasn't saying that the Andelman's ate there--I was just saying that they don't like eating at places where there are dogs next to them....sorry about the misunderstanding! :-)

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                      Besides, that could all change if they got sponsored by Petco or somewhere like that. Then they would have their own segment praising great places to eat with dogs!

                      1. re: scubahood10

                        Ha ha! something tells me that's not gonna happen... ;-b