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Aug 20, 2008 08:36 AM

Absolute best Organic market in Miami area!!

I just wanted to share with you all, This place is awesome ! The freshest and most reasonable prices for organic produce I have come across sofar! plus they can deliver anywhere in the Miami/Broward/Palm Beach and Keys for a flat fee.

Delicious Organics, 5808 N.W. 163rd Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
Voted the best health food store May 2008 by Miami Times

I'm getting killed by the prices at Whole Foods and sometimes questionable quality, For example, I went to Whole Foods a few days ago and got the following organic produce: Braeburn apples, cilantro, red onion, strawberries, scallions, grapefruit, green grapes, lemons, bananas, avocado, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots. I spent a total of $37.09 on this produce. I then took the per pound/piece price and calculated it exactly for delicious organics prices and the exact same amount of produce would have cost me: $31.66. At a weekly minimum, this could be a savings of $20 or more per month, plus the produce is far superior! I They also offer Organic Coop boxes of around 30 lbs of fgreat variety of fruits and vegetables and herbs at substantial discount that you can either pick up or have delivered as well.

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  1. You wouldn't happen to be affiliated with Delicious Organics, would you?

    1. Can't thank you enough for sharing your information about Delicious Organics. Went on their web site last night, placed an order and got it already this afternoon. Wow de wow, couldn't believe the quality and freshness of everything. Opening the cooler was like Christmas. I expected to see the items I ordered individually, but the Organic Coop box you don't know exactly what you are getting so was great to see such an unbelieveable variety and oh so much, huge quantities. So I will be ordering from them again for sure. Thanks again. Miami here is our very own Farmer's Market that comes right to your door, gotta love that.

      By the way have it on good authority that the first post is NOT someone who is affiliated with Delicious Organics. Just a happy customer like me.

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        Well, not a Farmer's Market, because for the most part it does not appear that their products are coming from local farms. I applaud what they're doing and really ought to give it a try - we've been in mourning ever since the short-lived Publix Direct experiment was canceled, and the additional bonus of organic is a significant one. But I'd be a lot more excited about it if the focus were more on locally produced products, rather than just organic.

        F'rinstance, on the website they have grapefruit and Valencia oranges from California but not Florida, Haas avocados from California but not Florida avocados ... It's tough to get a complete handle on what they get from local farmers in part because right now very little is in season here, but it seems a lot of their stuff comes from industrial organic producers out in California.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          I've yet to see a true farmers market in our area. Mostly they sell some local and fill in everything else. this is exactly what DO does. I'm not sure why they wouldn't have Fl. avocados right now, I know that they have had them in the past. She may have had trouble getting them in for some reason. I know that they regularly get produce from Bee Heaven in Homestead, as well as other Fl. farms.. Right now we don't have much in season, if you check back later in the season you will see. Honestly I can't blame them, or any of our other farmer's markets,(some of them anyway). Who could make a living selling ONLY whats grown here? There is no reason that Florida can't grow a wider variety of products, including produce, dairy and meats. We have everything here, and the longest growing season in the country. I look forward to the day that I can get most of my food from Florida, but until that day we will all have to buy and eat food from elsewhere.

          1. re: chevrehead

            As I acknowledged, there is almost nothing in season locally right now, and even when there is, you could not offer a "complete" lineup based on local product. Local farmers markets are discussed extensively on other threads and I won't duplicate here.

            But it's also pretty self-evident if you go through D.O.'s website that their primary suppliers are some of the largest, most industrial organic producers around, mostly based on the West Coast, and that product which could be locally sourced is instead being bought from these large-scale producers.

            There are actually a number of producers of organic and/or pastured beef, poultry, and eggs in Florida though most of them are upstate ->

            For reasons discussed on the farmers market threads, a lot of local farms skip the farmers markets because the investment of time and money to participate makes the return on investment marginal at best - that's why there are things like CSAs which serve to consolidate and eliminate the need for the farmers to shlep out and deal directly with the end-consumer. Something like D.O. *could* serve the same function.

      2. I tried this out last week and was generally pretty impressed. The selection of Florida produce is indeed broader than my initial impression had suggested; the website apparently is regularly updated w/ new inventory and there were many add'l items from the first time I checked. Selection is pretty broad and overall quality was pretty good. Standouts were Florida bi-color corn (super-sweet, could eat it raw), Florida pea shoots from Glaser Organic Farms in Homestead (wonderfully fresh and flavorful), Florida cantelope, "flavor grenade" pluots (tasty but expensive), Florida (not certified organic) mamey (a gigantic specimen, used half for batidos and have put the rest in the freezer), and California-grown heirloom tomatoes (beautiful and tasty despite the cross-country trip).

        I've not attempted to compare prices with someplace like Whole Foods, but most items seemed pretty reasonable and generally a little cheaper than you might find elsewhere, others possibly pricier. This is before factoring in the $10 delivery fee, but boy, the delivery thing is something I really appreciate.

        Though they do note "(Florida)" on locally produced items, I'd love to see them add a "Florida grown" section to their website.