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Aug 20, 2008 08:03 AM

only wonderbread will do? for tomato sandwich?

i went and made a fresh summer tomato sandwich with an arnold's country white, hoping it would approximate the unmistakable taste (non-) and texture that is perfect for slathered hellman's and juicy tomato slices with salt and pepper, namely: wonderbread. but, sadly, noooooooo.......

now, i know you all will try and convince me that plenty of better breads are out there for tomato sandwiches. yeah, yeah, but wonderbread's great ability to hold the juice/mayo without falling apart, and being a soft, pillowy morsel to melt in my mouth, is unsurpassed.

what bread out there will substitute?

ok, ok, tell me your best bread for tomato sandwiches?

and for what other sandwiches do you think wonderbread is essential?

(maybe it is simply a taste nostalgia thing....)

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  1. Merita Old Fashion bread and DUKES Mayo is the only way to go.

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    1. re: lutherben

      thanks, lutherben. i'll look for the merita. but duke's just does not make it for me......although i tried to like it! just seemed stiff and dull. maybe a bad batch, or maybe i just need a touch of sugar. (but i'm not gonna steal gina neely's sugah! ;-)

      1. re: lutherben

        I did not have Dukes until I was an adult. but wow, it is great. give me white bread dukes and a heirloom tomato S&P

      2. My favorite bread for a fresh-from-the-garden tomato is a couple of slices of Italian Scali. I buy it unsliced and cut it as needed. A small drizzle of EVOO, either red wine vinegar or Balsamic, Kosher salt & freshly milled Tellecherry pepper is all the dressing a thick slice of tomato needs.

        An alternative is a whole wheat bread I used to make. It had a nice crunchy crust and was a tasty change from the Scali.

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          1. re: Gio

            It was a recipe from the Tassajara Bread Book published in 1970. I loved that book! I still have it but no longer do the extensive baking I used to. In the 70's I made all the bread we ate, including starting my own sourdough, and making all the yogurt we used. I truly embraced all the 70's had to offer!!

            The recipe you cited looks fab though, but I would not have been able to use the sesame seeds....

          2. alkapal,
            I totally agree with you! There is no better bread for my favorite summer sandwich than Wonder and I eat them just as you do, wide swath of (Best Foods here) mayo, tomato sliced with salt and pepper....nothing else is needed. The other Wonder sandwich for me is the after Thanksgiving turkey with mayo, turkey meat and salt....that is it! So sad story, they stopped selling Wonder Bread here in Southern California.....pout.

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            1. re: bubbles4me

              There is a Wonder Bread bakery in Pomona, CA and six other IBC Bakeries (owner of Wonder Bread) in Southern California. They sell it here in Sacramento, so it is probably available somewhere in Southern California.


            2. alkapal: where was the bacon!?! (oops, different thread...)

              sadly, we don't get wonderbread any more in the pnw either....this after it was proclaimed to be the best bread ever by a young cousin who went home to his mom to inform her than great auntie made the best meals for him with the bread in the spotted bag.

              our wonderbread appears to have been replaced by sara lee, which must have a boatload of preservatives or something as it stays soft, and when frozen, mooshes together so that you can't pull a whole slice out without ripping it....

              1. Texas Toast is good for tomato sandwich.

                Wonder bread is perfect for PB&J.

                Wonder bread is also perfect for dipping and eating with BBQ sauce.