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Most Unhealty Meal in NYC

My friend who is a health food fanatic lost a significant bet to me. I dont think he had a french fry in 5 years. The result, he has to eat a meal of my choice in NYC. I am thinking of the following choices;
Skirt Steak and fixins at Sammy's
Bacon wrapped chili dog at Crif Dogs
Deep Fries Oreos at RUB

Any other heart attack specials out there?

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  1. Cheesteak Egg Roll at Philly's on Houston

    1. Pastrami sandwiches at Katz's!

      1. My god, there is such a world of possibilities. But, as someone who has gone literally years (in the past, not recently however, I lost my self control) without eating any sweets, fried foods, etc., the most gluttonous meal I could ever think of eating would be deep fried pizza at the atlantic chipshop in brooklyn. But, your suggestions are also good. Depends on what you are looking for. If you wantt to make him suffer a meal that will probably kill him, go to times square and follow the tourists to applebee's and get anyone of their entrees.

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          DEEP FRIED PIZZA! Was it good? I cant picture it!!!!!!!

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            I am honestly not a huge fan of fried foods in general, but after one slice I was ready for a good artery cleaning. The pizza just wasn't that good, which I think was the problem. They basically just take cold pizza, smother it in batter and fry it. Not my cup of tea, but many people love it. Apparently it's big in Scotland.

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              are they still allowed to do that? lots of their deep fried stuff has been "banned" as they say.

              remember "the heart attack" at 2nd Ave deli? it was a sandwich with latkes for bread (right?) pastrami alone won't do it.

        2. Fried Pork Jowl Nuggets at Back Forty

          Lardo pizza at Otto (dont think you can get much more unhealty than cured fat). If you pick the right day of the week, you can supplement it with lardo bruschetta

          1. The cheeseburger/mushroom combo at Shake Shack that has one of those deep fried cheese-stuffed portobello caps on it. Man, I love that thing...

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              Yes... my beloved Shack Stack. ::drool::

            2. The corned beef and pastrami sandwich at Sarge's. Or even better for your friend would be the corned beef and pastrami omelet (since you're substituting three eggs for the two slices of bread.) Man they are awesome, I've limited myself to one a year.

              Does anyplace in NYC sell one of those Elvis "fools gold" sammies? I'm pretty sure they were designated as the single worst (most unhealthy) food you could possibly eat and responsible for most of his later weight gain - one pound bacon, peanut butter, mayo... I can't remember the rest. If you can find a place that does that in the area that's your best bet.

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                Spends Food on Rent:
                Peanut Butter & Co on Sullivan makes that....
                The Elvis a grilled peanut butter sandwich, stuffed with bananas and honey. try it with bacon for that extra indulgence.
                Peanut Butter BLT we use fresh cut bacon and toasted bread to give this sandwich great flavor and texture.

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                  This is bad, bad news for me.

                  Thanks for the info.

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                    and your waist!!! But, you only live once!!!!

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                    RUB makes a peanut butter, banana and bacon, I think. It would be my vote, but they don't have mac and chease.

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                    3 eggs are much healthier than 2 slices of white bread, all else equal.

                  4. RUB:
                    Appetizer - BBQ Bacon Chunks
                    Main - Burnt End Dinner (limited availability). burnt ends are the point (fattier part of the brisket.
                    Sides - Fries and cornbread
                    Dessert - Deep fried oreos


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                      Why not substitute onion strings for the cornbread? That should put it over the top, since the onion strings provide maximum surface area for grease (and man are they good).

                      On the other hand, the bloomin' onion at Outback is supposed to be the highest fat dish in any chain restaurant, and chain restaurants just feel more unhealthy anyway. I

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                        Outback's Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing is worse IIRC. It was named the "worst food in America" - just google that phrase. It has 2,900 calories, 182 g fat, and 240 g carbs. Then add a creamy soup, a steak, a sundae, and a milkshake, and that's probably the unhealthiest possible New York meal.

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                          That's something. I don't know what the stats are on this dish, but there's something called "Trainwreck Fries" at Virgil's -- fries, melted cheddar, montrey cheese, smoked bacon, scallions, pickled jalepenos and ranch dressing. We shared this with 4 people and couldn't even finish it.

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                            Haha I ate about half an order of that once, along with 2 ribs and 2 chicken wings.

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                              you can get chili or pulled pork on top the trainwreck fries.

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                                reminds me of the 'mexican fries' they have at Hooters; curly fries with all that sorta stuff dumped on (sour cream, jalapenos, tomatoes, chili, etc.). deadly.

                        2. Hill Country - Brisket Moist, Ribs, Sausage, sides like mac&cheese, cornbread, and beans with burnt ends, and a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. Oh, and even better is how they serve the meat on butcher paper so you can watch the paper turn almost transparent as it soaks up the grease.

                          1. This thread might help on the fried food front:

                            1. Rica's Cubana Torta, off of a big gleaming truck on 116th. Bring body bags:

                              1. Go to the Blue & Gold Deli on the corner of 1st Avenue and 59th St. Look at their prepared foods - get them.

                                Ask for a roast beef sandwich with russian dressing, swiss cheese, cole slaw. May not sound like much - but just you wait - get it on a hero.

                                The prepared foods are just... well... cholesterol heaven !!!! (and they deliver)

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                                  I haven't had one of those sandwiches in a while - they are good! I think they're called sloppy joes in some NJ deli's, and are usually on rye.

                                2. Oh Prince, when I saw the title of this thread, the first place I thought of was Sammy's. What with the shmaltz on the bread, and the kiskas etc....you can NOT top that! You must take them there.

                                  A health food type, who actually LOVES Sammy's!

                                  1. My vote would be for the poutine at Pomme Frites. If you really want your friend to have a heart attack, go to Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal where they've got a poutine with foie gras!

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                                      Phew, we went to Au Pied de Cochon one time. Crepe with foie gras, sausage/bacon, LARD and maple syrup (this was a dinner entree) - nuff said.

                                      The fattiest meal I've had recently - porterhouse at Peter Luger's with that luscious creamed spinach. The 'luscious' comes from all the butter/cream/steakfat or whatever it is they put in that spinach. And of course they ladle that beef fat and juices mixture over every piece.

                                      One other insanely unhealthy thing I had - the Baron's Feast at RUB. I think this was meant for a party, cos the two of us had leftovers for days.

                                    2. BBQ chains. Just sitting in there already feels unhealthy.

                                      1. This may not quite be what you had in mind, but I think that the foie gras terrine at La Goulue, followed by steak tartare with frites (mayonnaise on the side), with profiteroles for dessert would do the trick in my book. A glass of Sauterne to start, bottle of red wine with the tartare, an eau de vie or something else w/ or after dessert, and you are set! Hmm - I think that was my birthday lunch this year!

                                        1. Chicken skin and chicken tail yakitori at Totto.
                                          Lardo served with the bread basket at Del Posto.
                                          Second ESNY on the lardo pizza at Otto.
                                          The roast pig (the fatty cut) in Chinatown
                                          Or bring him to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and order all the foie gras dishes!

                                          1. At Sammy's you need the chopped liver with fried chicken skins (greiben), fried onions and lots of schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) from the syrup pitchers on the table. Follow with several chocolate egg creams that you make at the table too.


                                            1. when you say NYC, and if you include queens, just get a trio or even a quartet of tripe tacos from coatzingo. delicious, and I don't even want to try and calculate any fat/calorie content on it but just think: fried, delicious organ meat. served on two corn tortillas. with the works.

                                              or get a full-on pork meal at ihawan with crispy pata, dinuguan, chicharon bulaklak, lechon kawali AND lechon. that's pork fat 5 ways folks.

                                              1. Check the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger at Google cafeteria... think there are some other places to get it, not sure though..... but could also make your own then re-deep fry it!


                                                1. Make your friend eat 3 dirty water dogs with the works. That will be a shock to the system.

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                                                    Maybe I have a big appetite but 3 dirty water dogs really doesn't do much. The 5th one is the one that that starts to make me feel ill.

                                                  2. This is the funniest thread on chowhound to date.

                                                    Please let us know where you ended up taking your health food fanatic friend, and if they survived!

                                                    1. Hands down Sammy's Roumanian. And if you disagree you haven't been there.

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                                                        Triple Whopper with Cheese at Burger King, king sized onion ring, coke. Ugh...

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                                                          don't get the skirt steak, get the veal cutlet

                                                        2. After my decadent meal last night, I'd add Bar Boulud's charcuterie plate to the list. Mmmm...head cheese...

                                                          1. If you haven't already picked somewhere I'm going to second feedmegood's recco for the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger at Google cafeteria I just saw a picture of it on S.E http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2...
                                                            take a look

                                                            1. Dead heat:
                                                              Chicken fat and chopped liver at Sammy's.
                                                              Deep-fried onion loaf at Dallas BBQ.
                                                              Happy Meal at any McDonald's.

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                                                                Happy Meal at McDonald's? LOLZ idk about that one.

                                                              2. Ted's Montana Grill. Have you seen that friggin menu? Order any burger fully loaded with a side of fries and onion rings. Their salt/pepper onion rings are about 200 cals each.

                                                                Also, you could then take him to the east village for sarita's mac and cheese. get the large cheeseburger variety. Score.

                                                                1. Sammys Romanian is where it's at. I don't think you can get fattier than that. My SO won't even eat there and his favorite thing is the cadillac buger with bernaise sauce at PJ Clark's!!

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                                                                    I agree. The pure chicken fat is tough to beat, especially in the quantity which you could theoretically eat there.

                                                                  2. At BLT Burger on 6th Avenue btw 11th/12th you can get a burger with a fried egg and cheese, you can also add bacon on it (never did the bacon-but love the fried egg and cheese)... very tasty...

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                                                                      I love BLT Burger, but trust me, even if you added a peanut butter/chocolate milk shake and fries to that egg bacon burger, I can assure you it would be healthier than a typical meal at Sammys! (There is a syrup jar on the table there filled with chicken fat that you POUR all over your bread).

                                                                    2. I've never been to Sammy's but some time ago there was a clone in Tribeca called Triplets which we did go to. We could feel our arteries clogging as we ate! Sammy's has got to be just like that if not more so.

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                                                                        ribs and onion loaf at dallas bbq. Fried chicken, mac and cheese and the works at Soul Fixins'.