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Aug 20, 2008 07:44 AM

Most Unhealty Meal in NYC

My friend who is a health food fanatic lost a significant bet to me. I dont think he had a french fry in 5 years. The result, he has to eat a meal of my choice in NYC. I am thinking of the following choices;
Skirt Steak and fixins at Sammy's
Bacon wrapped chili dog at Crif Dogs
Deep Fries Oreos at RUB

Any other heart attack specials out there?

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  1. Cheesteak Egg Roll at Philly's on Houston

    1. Pastrami sandwiches at Katz's!

      1. My god, there is such a world of possibilities. But, as someone who has gone literally years (in the past, not recently however, I lost my self control) without eating any sweets, fried foods, etc., the most gluttonous meal I could ever think of eating would be deep fried pizza at the atlantic chipshop in brooklyn. But, your suggestions are also good. Depends on what you are looking for. If you wantt to make him suffer a meal that will probably kill him, go to times square and follow the tourists to applebee's and get anyone of their entrees.

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          DEEP FRIED PIZZA! Was it good? I cant picture it!!!!!!!

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            I am honestly not a huge fan of fried foods in general, but after one slice I was ready for a good artery cleaning. The pizza just wasn't that good, which I think was the problem. They basically just take cold pizza, smother it in batter and fry it. Not my cup of tea, but many people love it. Apparently it's big in Scotland.

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              are they still allowed to do that? lots of their deep fried stuff has been "banned" as they say.

              remember "the heart attack" at 2nd Ave deli? it was a sandwich with latkes for bread (right?) pastrami alone won't do it.

        2. Fried Pork Jowl Nuggets at Back Forty

          Lardo pizza at Otto (dont think you can get much more unhealty than cured fat). If you pick the right day of the week, you can supplement it with lardo bruschetta

          1. The cheeseburger/mushroom combo at Shake Shack that has one of those deep fried cheese-stuffed portobello caps on it. Man, I love that thing...

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              Yes... my beloved Shack Stack. ::drool::